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Sylvania Lynx-QE 4P

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Description Sylvania Lynx-QE 4P

You buy the Sylvania Lynx-QE at the best prices! With a decrease in prices for larger quantities you can enjoy substantial discounts! If you have questions or would like to place an order then please contact our customer service team.

Sylvania Lynx-QE Characteristics

The Sylvania Lynx-QE lamps have a base type GR10q, making it easy to install and replace in the fixture. The is a lamp with plug socket (4p) and are available in various wattages: 16W, 28W and 38W.

With a lifespan of 10,000 hours on average, the Sylvania Lynx-QE lasts for a very long time and you get a lot of use from them before you even have to start thinking about making replacements. On top of this, they have an energy label rating of B and so they prove to be extrememly energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Sylvania Lynx-QE Applications

The Sylvania Lynx-QE can be used in many different places because it is available with various characteristics, such as the wattages and colour temperatures.

The 2700K is often used in the home, for example, in the kitchen, garage and / or attic.

The 3000K gives a nice warm white light with a twist in it. Thus, the light bright enough to see things clearly but remains attractive. Proving more popular in office environments.

Whereas the 4000K is widely used in warehouses, workshops and factories.

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