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Sylvania T5 Luxline Standard

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Description Sylvania T5 Luxline Standard

Any-Lamp gives you the Sylvania T5 Standard Luxline Plus at the best prices. Not only do our prices start low, but they get lower! The more you buy the more you save with our fantastic scales of discount. Contact our customer service team to find out more or place your order.

Sylvania T5 Standard Luxline Plus Characteristics

The Sylvania T5 Standard Luxline Plus is a fluorescent tube with a G5 type base. These are worthy replacements of the Philips TL5 tubes too!

The tubes are available in different wattages but please be aware that the length of fluorescent tubes is directly defines by their lenght. Therefore if you have to replace exisiting tubes be sure to pick the same power otherwise it wil not be compatible with your fixtures.

The lifespan of the Sylvania Standard Luxline Plus is approximately 10,000 hours, and with an energy label rating of A then they are very economical.

Sylvania T5 Standard Luxline Plus Usage

The Sylvania T5 Standard Luxline Plus tubes are available in various colour temperatures and this, in addtion with the multiple wattages, means that they can be used for many different applications. The choices given to you means that you can find the ideal tube for your lighting needs, what ever situation it may be in.

The most common application areas for these tubes are within offices, shopping centres, retail outlets, workshops and warehouses.

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