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 Any-Lamp All-In Warranty


At Any-Lamp, we are proud of the fact that we offer top quality lighting of which you can be assured that it works properly! When you order from us, the all-in warranty is automatically included in the price. Moreover, our productrange meets the legal requirements regarding usability, reliability and lifespan. European regulations make a distinction between the warranty for private buyers (minimum 2 year warranty) and the warranty for professional buyers (minimum 1 year warranty). At Any-Lamp, the warranty period can go up to 7 years. The warranty is adjusted to the product.

What is included in the warranty?

The warranty covers original flaws or faults such as hidden and/or technical faults of the product that have occurred before delivery. The customer is expected to use the product that follows the standard usage of the item and according to the recommendations given on the installation manual and product descriptions. The following are the conditions in which you are expected to use the products.

  • You need to use the products as advised on our website, the box and/or installation manual.
  • The temperature of the environment must be between -20⁰ C and +30⁰ C for LED bulbs.
  • The temperature of the environment must be between -30⁰ C and +45⁰ C for LED tubes and all other bulbs.
  • The air humidity must be below 80%.
  • There should be 10mm space around the light bulb and/or fixture.
  • You may switch the product on/off a maximum of 50.000 times.
  • The voltage may not differ more than 10% from 230V.
What is not included in the warranty?

Any lamp does not provide compensations for loss of money or business, such as installation costs. We only repay the cost of the product itself.

How do I claim the warranty?
If a product is defective, faulty or incomplete, you have the right to request a replacement product, repair or if applicable a refund. You can do this very easily and quickly via your personal account. There you can create a new return request under the heading 'my return requests'. Choose as reason; 'The product I ordered no longer works'. We also ask you kindly to add at least one clear photo of the defective product to the return request. If there is no replacement product available, you will be refunded the relevant purchase amount within 14 days.
Did your product break during transport?

Unfortunately, this is regrettable but it may in some cases arise. The customer must notify us of the broken product as soon as possible but no later than 14 days. Contact us at [email protected] with your order number and pictures of the damaged product and box. We will resolve this issue as soon as we possibly can!