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How do I choose the right colour temperature?

Colour of light


The colour temperature of light is measured in degrees Kelvin (K). The lower the value, the warmer the light colour and the higher the value, the cooler the light colour. The warmest colours have a pleasant yellow-tinted glow (like candlelight) and get progressively whiter and bluer with cooler colours (like direct sunlight and blue sky). LED lighting comes in a wide variety of colour temperatures and is generally available from 1700K (extra warm white) to 6500K (daylight).


What colour temperature should I choose?


Living room 1700K - 2700K (Extra) Warm White

1700K - 2700K - 3300K: (Extra) Warm White

(Extra) warm white light helps to create a cosy atmosphere and promote relaxation. It's perfect for providing ambient lighting in places like homes, restaurants and hotels.

Neutral 3000K - 4000K

3300K - 5300K: cool (neutral) white

Cool white light is often used in places like retail stores and showrooms as well as for general lighting in offices. Cool white light looks natural and provides a good amount of light.


5300K - 6500K: daylight

Lights that emit the equivalent of daylight are ideal for any spaces where visual clarity is paramount. They're commonly used in various professional and industrial environments.


Lots of lighting products come in different colour temperatures.

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