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Full Lighting Advice for Businesses

We will find the perfect lighting solution for your premises!

Our lighting experts at Any-Lamp are happy to help you create the perfect lighting plan for you: Our solutions are characterised by energy efficiency, sustainability and a fast amortisation! This is why we have been the market leader in professional lighting for companies, associations, foundations and clubs for years. When it comes to office, industrial, shop and sports facility lighting or the illumination of public spaces, nobody can fool us.

During your personal lighting consultation, we consider the most sustainable light sources, the latest technologies and the most efficient solutions and reconcile these with your budget. In doing so, we pay special attention to regulations, such as emergency lighting in public areas or workplace regulations. In other words: We offer comprehensive lighting advice that ensures a safe and healthy working and/or living environment.

To achieve this, we offer three services that together provide a perfectly tailored lighting plan for your individual project. Here you can see what these services include:

1. Light calculation

Our lighting experts base the calculation of the lighting for your building/complex on the European standards for indoor and outdoor lighting listed in DIN EN 12464-1 (indoor) and DIN EN 12464-2 (outdoor).

A well-lit workplace is very important for the well-being of your employees. It ensures that they are sick less often and at the same time increases motivation. The same applies to performance in a sports complex. Regardless of the premises, the right lighting contributes to the safety and health of everyone present.

2. Lighting plan

An individually tailored lighting plan consists of a lighting calculation combined with the floor plan of your premises. The installer needs this floor plan as it indicates the location of the fixtures, the heights and the sectional dimensions.

The calculation will indicate the total consumption, on the basis of which the number of groups in the meter cabinet will be determined. In addition, the floor plan is used to prepare a cost estimate for the installation.

3. Lighting concept (2+3D simulation)

When creating a lighting concept, we specifically determine what kind of lighting an environment needs. In this way, we ensure that your customers, visitors and/or guests get the best impression as well as your employees ideal working conditions.

The lighting plan we design for you consists, among other things, of a customised 3D simulation of the fixtures and premises as well as the corresponding lighting advice. This allows us to show you in advance what your space will look like to avoid surprises and ensure that everything fits perfectly with your image, your target group and your marketing concept.

How can we help you with your lighting project? Contact us and together we will create a cost-effective and efficient concept!

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