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A&B Elektrotechniek - Kind Centrum Vroondaal

New project, new collaboration. It can be that simple! A&B Elektrotechniek is a well-known installer from Zuid Beijerland with whom we have carried out lighting projects in the past. That is also why project leader Mehmet Tuncer reached out to us for the new building project of Kind Centrum Vroondaal. This project involves a primary school with a day nursery and out-of-school care in one, which also includes a sports hall. A diverse range of activities, all with their own lighting requirements. We were asked to supply all the lighting needed. No need to tell us twice!


Customer's request

The end user, Kind Centrum Vroondaal, had told A&B Elektrotechniek at the start of the project that it preferred to use Philips lighting. Together with the project drawings, this formed the basis for the lighting plan, which was drawn up by our lighting expert Jenny. In consultation with Mehmet, it was decided to equip all LED fixtures with a convenient GST cable to ensure a smooth installation. During the implementation of the project, it turned out that an additional extension was needed to accommodate all the facilities in the building. Therefore, a second project became part of the plan.



The classrooms, day nursery, out-of-school care and adjoining corridors were provided with custom-fitted LED panels and downlights with the right UGR value (UGR<19 or UGR<23). These were mainly 840 Philips fixtures to keep the children energised and motivated throughout the day, and stimulate the desired creativity. To create some variety, the Lumiparts' Discus designer luminaire was used to give a slightly more playful and relaxing effect to the public areas in the building.

The sports hall is lit with 15 sturdy steel sports hall fixtures in 4000K, which give a fresh look to the room and can withstand contact with sports equipment. The adjoining equipment room is furnished with a robust and at the same time watertight fixture: the well-known Philips WT120C, allowing safe use of the storage area at all times.


In 2022, the final touches were made to the construction of Kind Centrum Vroondaal. This marked the completion of a new building in a sustainable way, which will contribute to the organisation's goal for years to come: to achieve natural and uninterrupted growth and movement of children. Below are some images of the project.

The team

Raymond Beekmans
Project manager

Wessel van Luijn
Account manager

Jenny Kelder

Some fixtures we have used for this project ...

Philips CoreLine RC132V LED Panel 


Philips Greenspace DN471B LED Downlight 

Lumiparts Discus Pendant

Philips Coreline WL140V LED Bulkhead

Sportlux Sports Hall Fixture

Philips CoreLine WT120C Waterproof

All customised lighting available on request!

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