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Car park lighting guide

With professional LED car park lighting, you always make the right choice. Thanks to modern technology, you benefit from the best light quality while simultaneously saving on energy and maintenance costs. Additionally, with LED lighting, you can choose from a wide range of fixtures with different shapes, beam angles, and color temperatures. To help you navigate the extensive selection of LEDs, the following guide will assist you in finding the appropriate lighting for your parking lot or underground garage.

LED car park lighting

LED battens in a parking garageLED battens in a parking garage

LED Battens

LED tubes in a underground garageLED tubes in a underground garage

LED Tubes

Auto in einem ParkhausAuto in einem Parkhaus

LED Bulkheads


With the right car park lights, you can efficiently and safely illuminate parking spaces, ensuring accident-free parking, as well as entering and exiting the parking area. However, when installing and selecting lighting solutions, you should consider the following points:  

Mounting Height - The higher car park lights are installed, the higher the light output needs to be to achieve the necessary lux level.

Spacing - The number of fixtures placed and the distance between them can affect the required light output.

UGR - The UGR value describes the glare produced by a luminaire. Car park lights should have a UGR value of < 25 to be glare-free.

Do you already have suitable fixtures installed in your parking facility? Conventional light sources can easily be replaced with sustainable LED tubes and LED gas discharge lamps..

Car park entrance illuminated with floodlightsCar park entrance illuminated with floodlights

LED Floodlights

Mast light on a parking areaMast light on a parking area

LED Mast lights

Cars in a parking garageCars in a parking garage

LED Gas Discharge


When it comes to outdoor car park lighting, there are several considerations to keep in mind:

Maximum Height - For smaller parking lots in urban areas (curb-side parking in front of buildings) we recommend LED mast lights or floodlights with a maximum light point height of 4.5 meters. This ensures that residents are not disturbed by the lighting. On larger parking lots (Park & Ride facilities), LED mast lights or floodlights can have a height of up to 12 meters.

IP & IK protectionIn general, parking lot lights must have the appropriate IP (Ingress Protection) and IK (Impact Protection) ratings to be protected against potential weather conditions and vandalism. For outdoor parking lots, you should choose products with IP66 and IK08 ratings.

Note: Parking lot lighting is also essential for corporate premises - this helps protect, for example, the new cars at your dealership or the company vehicles of your employees.

LED emergency lighting for parking garages

Car parks are often large and winding, which can make orientation difficult. In emergency situations, such as a fire or power failure, adequate lighting is essential to avoid panic and ensure safe exit. LED emergency lighting provides safety and orientation in such situations. Here are some things that are particularly important and can help you:

• Many insurance companies require car park owners to install emergency lighting in order to maintain coverage in the event of damage.

• Emergency lighting can also shine for several hours without a power supply. Click here to see all LED recessed fixtures with integrated emergency lighting. 

Ansell emergency exit signAnsell emergency exit sign

LED Emergency lighting

Escape route lightEscape route light

Escape route marking

Ansell emergency lightAnsell emergency light

Escape route lighting


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Do you need more information? Check out our additional content on car park and underground garage lighting!

Lighting for parking lots and underground garages offers a wide range of options. If you want to learn more about the best lighting solutions, you can explore the blogs and categories below. Find out about UGR and through-wiring, delve into specific types of fixtures or download or free lighting plans for car parks.

Car park lighting with LEDCar park lighting with LED

That's why car park lighting with LED makes sense

Car park lighting, whether for outdoor areas or underground garages, must be safe, bright, and reliable. These criteria are met when you opt for LED lighting solutions because: 

✔ the long lifespan of up to 70,000 hours results in very low maintenance and replacement costs

✔ the investment pays off quickly, as high efficiency leads to energy cost savings

✔ LEDs do not contain toxic substances, making them recyclable and environmentally friendly

✔ LEDs provide full brightness throughout their lifespan and are flicker-free

✔ all LED lighting products have a minimum color rendering index (CRI) of 80-89 Ra or better 

Thanks to efficiency, durability, and low energy costs, LED car park lighting clearly outperforms conventional lighting solutions such as metal halide or sodium vapor lamps. While these traditional lamps may offer high luminous efficacy, they are clearly disadvantaged in terms of all other essential attributes like lifespan, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

The right illuminance for car parks and underground garages

The UK Standards BS EN 12464 and BS 5489: 2013 determine the lighting concept for freely accessible parking lots. The fundamental regulations contained therein naturally apply to private parking lots as well.  The guidelines have specified illuminance levels for various areas. In the table below, we provide you with an overview.

In addition to pathways and parking areas, the following areas should also be well-lit: entrances and exits, barrier areas, ticket machines, stairwells, pedestrian pathways. This ensures that potential hazards, such as pedestrians, animals, or obstacles (e.g., pillars), are quickly detected even in the dark, thereby preventing accidents. Remember, as the owner of a parking garage or parking lot, you are liable.  

Traffic zone Illuminance in lux 

Parking spaces (general and in underground garages / on motorways)

150 / 9

Public parking spaces with low / medium / high traffic flow 

5 / 10 / 20

Parking spaces (outdoor) 

75 (15)

Entry and exit zone (day / night / outdoor)

300 / 75 / 15

Movement area




Cash machine


Lift and staircase


Company parking spaces (outside)


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