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How to install a LED Tube in an existing installation?

Do you want to switch your old fluorescent tubes to LED but unsure how?

With these handy examples you can easily replace an old fluorescent fluorescent tube for an LED tube in a fixture (with or without a conventional ballast).

Install LED tubes in a fixture with conventional ballast


Installation for magnetic ballast

  • Remove the fluorescent tube
  • Remove the starter
  • Insert the LED starter
  • Insert the new LED tube

Install LED tubes in a fixture with electronic ballast


Installation of the electronic ballast

  • Remove the fluorescent tube
  • Remover the starter
  • Insert the LED tube

Do a favor for both the environment and your wallet - there's many benefits when switching to LED:


Long life - LED tubes have an extra long lifetime of between 30,000 to 50,000 hours which means it last for 15 years in the average office environment. Choosing LED means that you don't need to buy new tubes every now and then. Furthermore, you significantly decrease your maintenance costs.

Energy efficient - LED-tubes use less less energy compared to traditional tubes. There are LED replacers that use as little as around 8W compared to traditional ones of 58W. With LED-tubes you will have an initial cost which soon will be covered by the decrease of your energy bills!

Eco-friendly - LED tubes doesn't contain any environmental toxins compared to old tubes that contain mercury. LED tubes can be recycled and they consume much less energy which contributes to a greener planet!

Resistant - LED-tubes are more resitant than traditional tubes that are made of glas. LED-tubes are normally made of a very resistant plastic called polycarbonate.

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