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Conventional CFL bulbs have been phased out!

Conventional CFL bulbs are already phased out. A good opportunity to take the switch to a more sustainable and energy efficient alternative: CFL LED bulbs! You can save significantly on your energy costs. In times when energy prices are becoming increasingly more expensive, that is a great boost.

The sustainable alternative: CFL LED Bulbs

Compared to conventional CFL bulbs, LED CFL bulbs consume at least 50% less electricity all the while emitting the same brightness. Their lifespan is also much longer, which results in a significant decrease in replacement and maintenance costs. You can use LED CFL bulbs in all areas you formerly placed a conventional CFL bulb. Normally they are enclosed in recessed fixtures, also called downlights. CFL bulbs with a pinbase make use of a ballast; 2-pin bulbs use an EM ballast and 4-pin bulbs a HF ballast. Do you have questions about the switch to CFL LED? You will find the most frequently asked questions at the bottom of this page.

LED CFL bulbLED CFL bulb




  • 2700K - 6500K
  • Various sockets available
  • No flickering and 100% light
  • Efficient and not breakable


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Caution when disposing conventional CFL bulbs! 
If CFL bulbs break, toxic mercury damps will be released into the air and the atmosphere. For this reason, CFL bulbs must not be disposed of in household waste, but must be handed in at the waste disposal site in your municipality. 

Why switch to LED CFL now?


High energy savings

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For many applications

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Do you want to exchange the entire fixture for a LED alternative? That's also an option!

Good to know: by replacing a fixture entirely, you save a lot of energy costs and other costs. Some of our LED downlights are dust- and waterproof (IP44 or higher) and can therefore be applied in environments such as canopies or carports. Or check out our wide range of LED panels, which consist of various sizes and colour temperatures. A great advantage of these fixtures is their compatibility with the DALI system, which allows you to implement an efficient lighting plan for the various rooms in your building.


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Most asked questions about switching to LED CFL:

Do I need to replace the dimmer? Yes! A halogen dimmer is not compatible with LED. Here you will find suitable LED dimmers

Are the CFL LED bulbs a 1 on 1 replacement? Yes, you just have to pay attention to the number of pins (two or four), the socket type, the replacement wattage and the light colour.

Do I need to replace the ballast? No! You can easily install the LED CFL bulb in the old ballast as long as the new bulb requires the same type of ballast. 

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