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Fluorescent and LED tubes: Measure length correctly

No matter whether you want to buy new conventional fluorescent tubes or replace your old tubes with energy-efficient LEDs - before you buy, you should know what length the tubes need to be. We show you how to measure (LED) tubes correctly! This way you can be sure that your new lighting is not a wrong purchase.

Measuring tape to measure the length of a (LED) tubeMeasuring tape to measure the length of a (LED) tube
A tape measure is the best way to measure (LED) tubes. (AdobeStock/photomelon)

What do I have to consider when measuring a tube?

When measuring tubes, make sure that you also measure the two pins - this applies to both LED and conventional fluorescent tubes. You can often tell the length of a tube by its wattage. Because: wattage and tube length are interrelated. The longer a tube is, the more wattage it requires. So if you switch from a conventional fluorescent tube to an LED version, you should always buy an LED with the same wattage (or the wattage to be replaced) as your old fluorescent tube - this way you can be sure that the tubes have the same length and that the LED is suitable as an alternative.

LED and fluorescent tube have the same lengthLED and fluorescent tube have the same length
LED vs. fluorescent tube (AdobeStock/weerapat1003)

Example: If you want to replace a fluorescent tube with a length of 150 cm and 58 watts, your new LED tube should also be 150 cm long and replace 58 watts.


Our filters offer you assistance. In our category LED tubes you will find, for example, the filter Replaces (Watt) or also Length.


Filter Replaces (Watt)Filter Replaces (Watt)

How do I measure fluorescent tubes?

We have measured the most common fluorescent tubes for you. If you want to know the length of a T5, T8 or T12 fluorescent tube, you only have to take a look at the table.

Note: Our lighting experts have measured the tubes including the pins. 

T5 tube High Efficiency (HE) T5 tube High Output (HO) T8 tube T12 tube
550 cm - 14 W 550 cm - 42 W 450 cm - 15 W 600 cm - 20 W
850 cm - 21 W 850 cm - 39 W 600 cm - 18 W 740 cm - 33 W
1150 cm - 28 W 1150 cm - 54 W 1000 cm - 36 W 1000 cm - 40 W
1450 cm - 35 W 1450 cm - 50 W 1500 cm - 58 W 1200 cm - 40 W


Note: Conventional fluorescent tubes will soon be taken off the market. The EU has decided that T8 and T5 fluorescent tubes may no longer be produced from the end of September 2023. Therefore, we recommend switching to LED tubes already now. You can read more information about the phasing out of fluorescent tubes on our campaign page.

How do I measure LED tubes?

LED tubes are measured including the pins just like classic fluorescent tubes. The following tables give you an overview of the length of different LED tubes.                                           

T5 LED tube High Efficiency (HF) T5 LED tube High Output (HO)
55 cm - 8 W (replaces 14 W) 55 cm - 10 W (replaces 24 W)
85 cm - 10 W (replaces 21 W) 85 cm - 16 W (replaces 39 W)
115 cm - 16.5 W (replaces 28 W) 115 cm - 26 W (replaces 54 W)
145 cm - 20 W (replaces 35 W) 145 cm - 37 W (replaces 80 W)
T8 LED tube Standard Output T8 LED tube High Output (HO) T8 LED tube Ultra Output (UO)
60 cm - 8 W (replaces 18 W) 60 cm - 8 W (replaces 18 W) 60 cm - 9 W (replaces 18 W)
90 cm - 11 W (replaces 30 W) 90 cm - 12 W (replaces 30 W) -
120 cm - 17.5 W (replaces 36 W) 120 cm - 18 W (replaces 36 W) 120 cm - 17 W (replaces 36 W)
150 cm - 20 W (replaces 58 W) 150 cm - 20.5 W (replaces 58 W) 150 cm - 24 W (replaces 58 W)

Tip: You find the exact measurements of tubes in the data sheet of each product. There you can also see how it has been measured. For all our Noxion products you can find this straight on the website by scrolling through the product pictures. The tube in our example has a lenght of 1213.6 mm. The diameter is 28 mm. 

Our product recommendation: LED tubes

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