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Business? Switch to LED!

As a company or public institution, you will particularly benefit from switching to LED. A switch provides significant benefits in terms of lighting maintenance costs, your electricity bill and the health of your employees. In the following, we will go into more detail about the advantages of LED lighting for businesses. In addition, you have the option of requesting help for a smooth changeover or buying the appropriate LED alternatives right away. In our online shop, you will find a large selection of high-quality LED lights from well-known brands such as Philips, Noxion and Ledvance. 


Increase of the well-being

Light has a direct impact on our mood and general well-being - whether it's blinding, flickering or the wrong light temperature or intensity. LED lighting can reduce fatigue, prevent headaches and migraines, increase alertness, boost productivity and reduce errors. This is an important aspect, especially for companies, because the well-being of their employees contributes to profitability. The buying behaviour of customers or guests is also influenced by the lighting. Therefore, the change to LED lighting is also worthwhile for a shop. 


Reduction of energy costs by 70 %

Electricity is very expensive and the cost of lighting can account for up to 40% of your total energy bill. By switching to LED and smart control solutions, you can immediately save on average around 70% of electricity costs. Conventional lighting (e.g. halogens) emits up to 90% of total energy consumption in the form of heat, so conventional light sources are very inefficient and expensive to run. If you want to avoid high electricity costs, we recommend that your business switches to cost-effective LED lighting. 


Reduction of maintenance costs

The maintenance costs of LED lights are on average five times lower than conventional lighting (comparison with halogen and incandescent bulbs). The long life and excellent product quality of LED lighting make it the first choice for businesses or associations. After all, you only need to replace your light sources every few years and don't need maintenance staff installing new lights year after year. Downtime and inconvenience caused by low-quality, short-lived lighting are a thing of the past thanks to efficient LEDs.


Short payback period

For any company, switching to LED lighting is an investment in the future. The purchase of LEDs is more cost-intensive compared to conventional lighting. However, the switch pays off due to the attractive direct cost savings from the new efficient technology. LED products have a much longer service life, are virtually maintenance-free and consume less electricity. LED lighting therefore has a short payback period. On average, this is only 12 to 48 months.


Lower CO2 emissions

Because LED lights consume less energy than conventional light sources, less electricity is needed. In addition, LED lighting converts only 10% of the total energy consumption into heat. LEDs therefore also have a positive effect on CO2 emissions. In contrast to modern LEDs, old halogen and gas discharge bulbs can overheat. Any-Lamp want to reduce CO2 emissions by selling LED lighting. Does your company also wants to make the earth a bit greener? Then switch to LED now!


Integration into a smart system

LED is constantly evolving, making it easier and easier for you as a company to use. Many LEDs can be purchased with the DALI technology. This makes it possible to group LEDs and at the same time provide them with the same settings, such as automatic switching on and off and control of light intensity. There are also a variety of LED lighting solutions with a practical sensor (for unused spaces such as corridors) or emergency lighting. Smart Lighting is another option with which you can control the light via smartphone or tablet. 

Realised lighting projectRealised lighting project

Do you need help with a lighting project?

Your company wants to switch to LED lighting? A good decision that we are happy to help you with! Our lighting experts at Any-Lamp offer various services to make the switch from conventional lighting to LEDs as easy as possible. For example, you can download free lighting plans or request a customised lighting plan. For more information and the request form, click on the orange button. . 


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