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Warehouse lighting Gamma

Customer's request 

Our Dutch branch carried out an exciting new project in the Netherlands. For several years now, more and more conventional light sources have been phased out. Therefore, the Gamma store in Sittard decided to switch to LED lighting. Gamma is a large hardware store chain in the Netherlands and Belgium. However, they also faced a challenge: how would the lighting impact the atmosphere and comfort of the shop? The shop staying attractive and the products being represented well was of the utmost importance. The client also underlined that the customers and employees were not to inconvenienced by the lighting. 



Intake interview 
During the intake interview, the most important wishes of the client became clear to us: energy-efficient lighting with a long life that ensures an attractive and comfortable shopping environment. 

Saving calculation and lighting plan 
The energy and cost savings and the payback period were very important. Therefore, Any-lamp made a savings calculation. After the client's approval, our lighting architects set to work. Based on the lighting calculations, a plan was drawn up, which showed not only the placement and lighting specifications, but also a demo set-up to get an idea of the result. 

Delivery & installation 
Once the lighting plan was approved, it was time to implement it. Any-lamp took care of the process: from delivery of the light sources and fixtures to installing them, so the client didn't have to worry about anything during the transition to LED lighting. 

First, we installed fixtures from Noxion, which together provided a well-lit and comfortable shopping environment. It’s important that the shop is well lit, because visible light has a huge impact on how we experience the store emotionally. In fact, we are subconsciously attracted to well-lit shops and products. We also installed LED high-bays with specially chosen reflectors, which ensured that the light was well distributed, so the products are well-lit. Since the lid and hood of the high-bay are prismatically sealed, people won't be blinded by the lighting. 



With the new, sustainable fixtures, Gamma meets its target and responds to the customer's wishes. The old, conventional high-bay used 400W, while the new LED high-bay consumes only 200W. This saves Gamma as much as 50% in energy! And because the LED lighting has a guaranteed lifespan of 100,000 hours, the customer has few maintenance and replacement costs. So we were able to create an energy-efficient and sustainable lighting solution that gives the shop a pleasant appearance, where customers and employees will enjoy walking around! Curious about the result? Then take a look at the photos below. 


Some of the products we used for this project


The High-bay concord G3

LED High-bays with specially selected reflectors ensure good light distribution on the products. The prismatic shielding with cover and hood also prevented people from being blinded by the light. Furthermore, we succeeded in creating an energy-efficient and sustainable lighting solution. For instance, the old conventional fixture consumed 400W, whereas the new LED solution consumes only 200W. This ultimately provides Gamma with an energy saving of 50%. In addition, a guaranteed lifetime of 100,000 hours ensures low maintenance and replacement costs. 

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