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Polytec Composites

A well-lit warehouse that offers a pleasant workplace for employees. That is the goal Polytec Composites is striving for in its warehouse in Roosendaal in the Netherlands. Polytec Composites is a specialised company that produces plastic floor plates for the automotive industry and has highly reputable customers, including Mercedes and Audi. Therefore, a well-organised and efficient warehouse is vital. However, the company faced a problem: the lighting was limited and unevenly distributed in a warehouse where staff and stock change continuously. This is not very convenient nor efficient. That's why it was important to fix this problem. Our regular client, who was responsible for installing the new lighting, called on us to support him during this project. Of course, we can help with that! 

Client's request

A warehouse is in constant motion. Due to the ever changing stock, the lighting pattern in the warehouse was no longer sufficient. The lighting was not well distributed and in other places there was a lack of light. In addition, this lighting consisted of conventional light sources. 
Due to new European legislation, more and more conventional light sources are being phased out and it became essential for Polytec to make the switch to LED lighting. Moreover, the lighting had to become more efficient so that employees could work here without any problems. 


As soon as we received the client's floor plan, our lighting architect Jenny started drawing up the lighting advice. Based on this, we delivered the right fixtures and accessories to the customer. Polytec wanted to switch to LED lighting because of its advantages over conventional lighting: the lighting does not require any start-up time and illuminates at full strength directly after switching on the lights. This is very convenient when an employee with a forklift truck is quickly picking up or bringing stock. 
Our client installed Noxion trunkings (measuring up to around 50 metres) over the larger lenghts of the room, allowing these trunkings to provide proportional and even light distribution. In addition, our client also installed sturdy, waterproof Noxion Poseidons in the smaller corners. Due to the number of staff being present changing constantly, we chose Steinel sensors in the warehouse. These motion sensors allowed the lighting to switch on when staff are present. As soon as everyone left the warehouse, the lighting switches off again, so unneccessary lighting is prevented. In this way, Polytec saves energy. It's a win-win situation! 


Thanks to the practical and sustainable lighting, Polytec has a bright future ahead and is able to provide a pleasant working environment for employees where they can do their work without any obstacles. And the best thing of all: by opting for LED lighting with sensors, Polytec is expected to have recouped their investment within 2 years! As this project is part of a larger renovation, we are also to take on the lighting in other Polytec warehouses.

Our team

Raymond Beekmans
Project manager

Wessel van Luijn
Account manager

Jenny Kelder

Light architect

Selected products 

Our client has installed two types of lighting at Polytec: 50-metres of trunking fixtures from Noxion along the entire length of the warehouse and the waterproof Poseidon battens in the corners to ensure perfect lighting everywhere. 


Poseidon batten

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