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Retail Lighting Guide

LED lighting for shops is a crucial aspect to depict the brand identity in the retail sector. Not only does it result in cost efficient business advantages, such as a reduction in energy consumption and a lower maintenance budget (long life span), it also achieves a distinctive trait in the corporate design as well as that it guides the customer to the products you want to highlight specifically. Our guide informs you about the best retail lighting for non-food retail and DIY stores.

Shop Lighting for Non-Food Retail

LED Track Lights

LED Downlights

LED Spotlights

Non-food retail is the collective term for shops and specialty stores, offering a (wide) range of products in terms of consumer electronics, education, leisure, clothing, sports, personal care, home furnishings or home and garden. Recommended fixtures in this sector are:

• LED Track Lights - Perfect for shop window lighting, but also general store lighting. They are flexible in placement and lighting options (3-circuit / zone lighting / CRI>90).

• LED Downlights - The wide range in light colours and dimmable options are particularly suitable for tailored general shop lighting. Tiltable banana spots, such as Noxion Forza, easily create a spotlight on focus products.

• LED Spotlights - Whether used as general or accent lighting, spotlights provide a suiting addition to the store concept. They are available in various light options (CRI>90 / tiltable / dimmable) as well as fixture colours that fit the interior.

LED Strips


CDM-T Bulbs

The store concept might benefit from additional light sources, since lighting plans with the right accents appeal to customer emotions and make shopping  an experience. Light and dark (shadow) insinuate contrast that stimulates the human eye while shopping, while design can contribute to the mood / atmosphere. Two product tips:

• LED Strips - These can be mounted in various angles, making them the ideal fit for shelf and display cabinet lighting, and accent lighting on cash registers and product counters.

• Pendants - Although very effective as lighting above a cash register, they also give a decorative addition to the store or specific zones within a store.

Do you still use CDM-T gas discharge lamps? Also a great choice! Did you know that LED track lights, LED downlights and LED spotlights with a CRI>90 achieve the same results!?

Shop Lighting for DIY Stores

In DIY shops, aisles with pallet and heavy load shelves are most efficiently illuminated by linear LED fixtures, which have high vertical luminance. Additional shelf lighting can be the deciding factor for a purchase. Two of our linear best-sellers are:

• LED Battens - Standard and waterproof variants available in various lengths and light colours, and with the option of through-wiring (central control).

• LED Trunkings - These fixtures have a high light output that can easily and flexibly be guided through aisles using a track system.

Another suitable option for high ceilings, is the use of LED high-bays.

Tip! Warm white LED spotlights with CRI>90 are the perfect additional lighting to make small pieces of furniture, carpets, wallpaper and bathroom displays stand out.

LED Battens

LED Trunkings

LED High-Bays

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Lighting for shops is highly diverse. If you want to know more about the best lighting solutions for a particular retail environment, you can discover more in the blogs and categories below. Find out how to use and install 3-phase track lighting and how to install throughwiring fixtures, or view some of the most popular brands for shop lighting. 

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Do you know which type of light fits your assortment perfectly?

The tone of the white light as well as the colour rendering, greatly affect how products and materials are perceived. It entices your customers to touch, it creates the favorable look and/or conducts consumption. A few examples:

Product Light colour (K) Rendering (CRI) Effect on store atmosphere
Red tinted objects 2200K - 3300K 90-99Ra Emphasizes red colour tones and creates a homely to cosy effect.
Green / blue tinted objects 3300K - 5300K (cool) or 5300K> (daylight) 90-99Ra Creates neutral green and blue colour tones. The area appears bright and radiates dynanism and freshness.
Fabrics and leather objects 3000K 90-99Ra LED prevents brittleness and fading caused by infrared and UV radiation. Lighting should not be too bright.
Jewelry 3000K (warm) or 4000K> (cool) 90-99Ra Warm light highlights the warm tone of gold, whereas cool white light enhances the appeal of silver and metal.
Electronic devices 4000K 80-89Ra> Cool and bright light makes electronic devices stand out and matches the often shiny, dark and/or metal material.

Tip - Flexible lighting! Tunable white / CCT LED fixtures and 3-phase track lighting, enables you to switch based on seasonal and collection changes. With tunable white and CCT you set the lighting to your preferrence, while with 3 phase track lights you can create differences in light colour within an area or you can create zones.

Tip - Surface texture lighting! A targeted interplay of light and shadow can make surface textures stand out to the customer (modelling), for example in furniture shops. This can be done using directional lighting with spotlights with a high CRI. But glare from light on reflective surfaces can also be deliberately used to highlight certain goods.

Installation height of High BaysInstallation height of High Bays

Which fixture should you pick; beam angle and (in)direct light?

The way you light specific areas in your shop, greatly influences whether the customer will buy a product or ensures the successful completion of a purchase. Some recommendations:

Changing rooms - Indirect light that avoids unflattering shadows is key and can be achieved with fixtures such as LED downlights. Combining this with a bright but friendly light (CRI>90), is the best fit.

Showcases - Glass display cases, in front of or inside a shop, are preferably lighted with good accent lighting. To ensure they are the center of attention, showcases should appear brighter than their surroundings. Light sources with a 36° beam angle are perfect.

Shop windows - 1000 - 2000 lux LEDs display a wide range of products (incl. prices) in detail. LED spotlights and track lights (wide beam angle: 40°>) are ideal, as are LED strips for hard-to-reach corners. When accentuating mannequins, spotlights from above, below or the side are a good fit, but make sure to prevent disturbing reflections. Light colour and CRI are always product-specific.

Cash registers - Reflection-free light (UGR<19) with a luminance of at least 500 lux is recommended to optimise staff checkout and registration tasks. Pendants and pendant luminaires are a good choice.

What services can Any-Lamp provide to help you implement a durable and professional retail lighting plan?

We'll immediately get to the point: our services can be as extensive as you would like them to be! Lighting expertise at Any-Lamp ranges from providing custom quotation to delivering tailor-made lighting solutions with additional services during installation.

Once you contact our lighting experts to help out with your retail lighting project, they will rely on norm based light calculations (BS EN 12464-1) to create a lighting plan that is a perfect fit for your business premises. In this plan a map is included, so your own installers are aware how our LED lighting solution can be optimally implemented. Moreover, once our lighting plan is in place, we can showcase a 3D simulated version to give a visual overview on what the end result will look like. Interested? Contact us via 01 903 8698.

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