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How do you use a 3-phase track lights system?

Why is LED track lighting so attractive? Because you can match them perfectly to their surroundings! From bright general lighting in a particular room to highlighting great works of art, trendy new collections or interesting individual items. Therefore, it is a LED fixture that is often used in various shops (shop windows), showrooms, restaurants, museums and galleries. Not bad, right? Even better, nowadays the range of 1-phase track lighting has been expanded with 3-phase track lights, which only results in more possibilities for your premises. But what does this 3-phase track light system entail and how do you use it? We are happy to explain it to you.

Did you know that ... LED tracklights overpower conventional CDM-T bulbs in shops on many aspects!

Why? A LED track light lasts at least three times longer than a 15,000-hour CDM-T bulb, LED is recyclable because it contains no mercury or other hazardous substances and, thanks to the tiltable lamp design and the tracks, it is a much more flexible light source. Moreover, many track lights also have a perfect colour rendering (90-99Ra)! Which products or collection do you want to put in the spotlight?

What is a 3-phase track light system?

A 3-phase LED track system makes it possible to split the connected track lights into three circuits / groups of lights, despite the fact that they are mounted on the same track system. This makes it possible to apply zone lighting in your building or to provide a room with multiple lighting possibilities. After all, each of the three groups works with its own light switch and/or dimmer. Some examples that are possible as a result:

  • Illuminating a particular area in a room, such as a shop window, a specific collection or a workplace.
  • Illuminating large areas with the same track system by spreading the load.
  • Being able to switch between general lighting and accent lighting (number of lumens).
  • Matching the light colour (K) to the activity that is taking place.


Good to know! It is not possible to connect 1-phase track lighting to a 3-phase track, since it is not possible to choose a particular circuit for this type of rail light. Therefore, you should always check which type of fixture you are dealing with.

Light colours enhance the atmosphere you want to create! Which one do you prefer?

LED Tracklights

2200K of 2700K

LED Tracklights


LED Tracklights

4000K of 5000K

LED Tracklights

3000K tot 5700K

How do you install a 3-phase track with LED track lights?

In order to be able to connect LED track lighting safely, it is important to temporarily switch off the power. After all, the 3-phase track lighting system must be connected to the mains network (230V; five-core electricity cable) with a power supply adapter. You have the choice between a power supply adapter that is placed at the end of the rail or a central power supply between two rails. The adapter allows the lights to burn optimally and flexibly due to the connections of the earth wire (Earth), the neutral wire (N) and the phase wires (L1, L2 and L3). Therefore, it is important to mount the track system correctly against the ceiling or wall so that the power adapter is placed at a power point. You can place the rails as you wish (shape and/or route) using couplers, corner pieces, cross connectors and other connectors.

What should I pay attention to when coupling rails?

All connectors are marked L (left) or R (right) on all ends. These letters indicate on which side the earth wire is located. To make sure your entire track lighting system works properly, an L earthing should be followed by an R earthing and vice versa.

To give an example (image): Your starting point has earthing on the right side (R). If you install a new connector, the first following side should have earthing on the left (L). The other side of the connector is automatically the opposite, in this case R. This works the same for a corner connector.

Koppelstukken RailsysteemKoppelstukken Railsysteem
Succession of a right earthing by a left one and so on.
T connector koppelstukT connector koppelstuk
Example of earthing in a T connector.

You also have two other connectors, which function slightly different:

  • T connector - This coupling piece has one L earthing and two R earthings or vice versa. In this case, the current enters at the earthing that occurs only once and is continued in two directions.
  • X connector - This coupling piece has two times a L earthing and two times a R earthing. This means that the connector can be used for two lines of current. So you cannot go three directions with an X connector, but only make a left or right turn.

Have you installed all the rails? Then don't forget to shield the last rail with a cap for safety. After all, rails and connectors have built-in earthing.


Tip 1!  In order to maintain a spacious feeling in a room, it is advisable to place the rails of the track lighting at a height of 2.40 to 3 meters. The LED track lights themselves ensure that the light point is 200 to 300 mm lower.

Tip 2! The amount of space that must be left between the track lights depends on the number of lumens. For fixtures with more than 1200 lumens, the advise is three square meters per spotlight. With LED track lights higher than 1800 lumens, four square meters per light source fits better.

How do I mount the LED tracklights to the track system?

After the rail system has been placed, you can attach the desired number of LED track lights to the rails. You can see here how this click system works. In general, dozens of light sources can be connected to the track, but keep in mind that a track system has a maximum load. Each rail spotlight has a switch that connects the light source to a circuit (L1, L2 or L3). For each phase, you have a separate light switch that switches the light sources on or off.

If you want to use an LED dimmer on one or more circuits, it is not only important that you choose dimmable luminaires for the specific phase(s), but also that you choose the same fixtures in order to maintain an even light distribution.

With these functions, your room will stand out even more!

LED Track Lights Dimmable

  • Dimming the light output.
  • Use per 3-phase circuit.
  • Installation LED dimmer.

Provides ambient and/or ''soft'' light in the arts sector, hospitality, retail and more.

LED Track Lights 90-99Ra (CRI)

  • Perfecte colour rendering.
  • Makes colours shine.
  • No colour deviations.

Stimulates buying behaviour of consumers or contributes to a correct interpretation (art).

Is it possible to connect other lighting or equipment to a track system?

Yes, using a universal adapter, it is possible to mount (design) lighting fixtures or other equipment (e.g. speakers) to a track system. Ideal to place design lighting as desired above a (dining) table or to create a relaxed atmosphere in companies or simply at home. Sounds good right? Please note that this fixture or device operates on 230V.

Anouk  - Last update April 2023