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LED mood lights - coloured lamps for every occasion

Colours affect your mood and the atmosphere in a room. Besides wall colour and colourful decoration, there is another way to change it: with light. Coloured light bulbs, colourful LED strips and smart lighting systems are the solution for an individual environment. In this blog post, we explain the possibilities the use of coloured lamps offers. In doing so, we look at both commercial and private use.


coloured led lampsiStock.com/foto-ruhrgebiet


The main advantages of coloured lamps: 

  • Highlighting your individuality and setting yourself apart from the competition
  • Influence well-being and mood  
  • the optimum light colour for every situation (e.g. blue for concentration in the office or purple for a lively party)
  • stylish lighting element for fashion houses, hotels, cinemas and Co.


Where can coloured LED lamps be used? 

Effect lighting can be used in many different areas to create a particular mood. The following overview shows you where coloured lamps can be used sensibly.


retail hotel industry gastronomy private household

shelf or shop window lighting, accent lighting for certain products, as safety information on stairs

effect lighting in wellness and catering areas, lounges and hotel rooms, as safety information on stairs
mood lighting in bars, cafés and restaurants, as safety signs on stairs backlighting for TV, lighting of the kitchen work surface


What shape do coloured lamps come in? 

Anylamp offers you coloured LEDs in different shapes. You can choose between conventional light bulbs or modern LED strips.

You like the classic light bulb shape, but don't want to do without modern effect lighting? The Osram line Parathom Classic Color E27 products  are modern LED luminaires in the form of coloured light bulbs. The lamp body is made of frosted glass so that the inside of the lamp is not visible. Another plus point is the low energy consumption. The coloured LEDs with their 2 watts replace conventional products with a power consumption of 15 watts. This means you save 90% of energy costs when switching to LED, while creating a unique lighting atmosphere.

Osram LED STAR DECO Classic A Color E27 2.5W greenOsram LED STAR DECO Classic A Color E27 2.5W blue Osram LED STAR DECO Classic A Color E27 2.5W red Osram LED STAR DECO Classic A Color E27 2.5W orange Osram LED STAR DECO Classic A Color E27 2.5W yellow




With coloured LED strips, you can create coloured lighting accents using indirect lighting. For example, special pieces of furniture in private households but also exhibition areas such as shelves in retail outlets can be illuminated decoratively. What is more, the light strips in hotels and catering establishments are an effective way of highlighting tripping hazards such as stairs. The 5-metre LED strips  are flexible and can be shortened and dimmed. Installation is very easy because of the double-sided adhesive tape supplied. A further advantage is the long service life. The coloured strips provide light in rich colours for up to 50,000 hours. For example, if you use the coloured LED lighting for 60 hours a week, the product only needs to be replaced after 15 years.



Which colour should I use?  

Colourful LED lamps are available in all rainbow colours. The following table shows you which mood is suggested by a colour and which rooms gain charm through coloured lighting.


red orange yellow green blue
Classically, the colour red stands for love and passion. However, there is a danger that it can be aggressive if the colour concentration is too high. Therefore, never use shades of red to illuminate large objects or surfaces. If used sparingly, red light can suggest warmth and cosiness. This is recommended for hotels or private living rooms and bedrooms. Orange is dynamic, active and life-affirming. The colour puts you in a good mood and also stimulates your appetite - perfect for restaurants or your kitchen at home. Because of its energising effect, orange effect lighting would also be suitable for fitness studios or sports halls. If you want to convey cheerfulness, lightness and good humour, a lamp with a yellow colour is the right choice. Yellow effect lighting is particularly suitable for kindergartens. The colour also reminds of sunshine, making it perfect for rooms with little daylight. Green with a high yellow sharecontent can have a fresh and invigorating effect. If the colour has a high blue share, it has a cool and calming effect. Green LEDs can therefore be used flexibly and fits in the wellness area of a hotel as well as in the bathroom or bedroom at home. Cool shades of blue ensure calm and promote concentration. They are therefore ideal for office effect lighting. Strong blue light, on the other hand, makes a fresh and stimulating impression. It is ideal for the bathroom at home or for public swimming pools and washrooms.


Calex Smart Mood Lights

Are there LED mood lights that can change colour?

Products of the Calex Smart series allow you to adjust not only the colour, but also the brightness and colour temperature of the lamps. The colour change can be easily controlled by app, voice command or switch. With the smart lighting system you don't have to settle for one bulb colour - Calex Smart lighting can be individually adjusted to suit your mood and situation.





Any-lamp tip:

Symbol Glühbirne

Make your coloured effect lighting depend not only on mood but also on the time of day. Use cool and activating colours such as light blue or yellow in the morning and mid-morning. At midday, let your LEDs emit a bright or daylight white light. In the evening a relaxing light in shades of red is recommended. This change is possible, for example, with the Tuya smart lighting system by Calex.