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GU5.3 (MR16) LED Bulbs

It’s easier than ever to upgrade your traditional GU5.3 (MR16) halogen spotlights to benefit from the energy saving technology of LED with our range of Retrofit LED GU5.3 light bulbs. When you upgrade your existing spotlights to LED you benefit from an increased lamp lifetime of up to 40,000 hours – that’s 10 times longer than the 4,000 hour lifetime of a standard halogen spotlight. Many of the GU5.3 LED spotlights in our range are designed to mimic the traditional look and feel of a halogen bulb, produce a high quality, sparkling light, and are available in a range of colour temperatures to help you create your perfect lighting atmosphere.
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What are GU5.3 LED spotlight bulbs?

Structure of a GU5.3 LED spotlight
GU5.3 LED spotlights come with an MR16 design
and a pin base with two pins.

GU5.3 LED bulbs usually consist of a reflector and two base pins. The two pins have a distance of 5.3 mm from each other - hence the 5.3 in the name. The diameter of the reflector is 50 mm and thus quite small. This results in a narrow beam angle, which makes the spotlight bulb perfect for accent lighting.

GU5.3 LEDs basically work with a voltage of 12 volts. So you cannot connect them directly to the mains (230 volts). An LED transformer regulates the voltage down. With such a transformer, you must make sure that the minimum load and the maximum load (watts of the bulbs added together) are not undercut or exceeded. Otherwise, the bulbs may hum, flicker or have a considerably shortened life. Always check your transformer when changing from halogen to LED.

Is MR16 the same as GU5.3?

MR16 stands for the design of GU5.3 LEDs: the reflector has a diameter of 50 mm (5 cm). This is typical for the majority of GU5.3 LEDs. However, there are also other bulbs that use the MR16 design. Therefore, MR16 is not the same as GU5.3. The latter refers to the base shape, as described above.

Why should i switch from from halogen bulbs to GU5.3 LED bulbs?

If you switch from halogen to LED, it is definitely worth it! One particular advantage that immediately jumps out at you is the high energy efficiency of modern LED lights: these are designed to consume up to 90 % less energy than conventional halogen spotlights, which can save you a large part of your energy costs.

GU5.3 LED spotlight as track spotlight
GU5.3 LED spotlights are much more efficient than halogen spotlights.
(Image: AdobeStock/garage38)

But that's not the only advantage, of course: LEDs also last much longer than ordinary light sources. Halogen spotlights, for example, have a service life of 2,000 to 4,000 hours. LED spotlight bulbs, on the other hand, can last an average of 40,000 hours. They therefore emit light for around 13 years, assuming an illumination period of 60h/week. This means you only have to change the illuminant after a much longer time, which has a positive effect on your ancillary costs for lighting.

The environment therefore also benefits from LEDs: there is not so much waste. In addition, modern bulbs contain various electronic components that can be recycled. So if one of your LEDs no longer lights up, don't dispose of it in your household waste, but take it to a recycling centre. There, the parts that can still be used are removed from the lamp.

Are GU5.3 LED spotlight bulbs dimmable?

Yes, there are dimmable GU5.3 LED spotlight bulbs. However, not all GU5.3 LED bulbs are dimmable per se. Whether you can dim a lamp or not is usually indicated by the product title. Here, this is noted with a "dimmable". However, you can also see this in the technical data of the respective product.

If you only want to see dimmable products, you can also use the filter function on the left. Here, under "Dimmable", you simply have to tick "Yes" and the dimmable GU5.3 LED spotlights will be displayed.

In our shop you will also find GU5.3 LED spotlights with "Dim to Warm" technology. You can dim these lights not only in their light intensity but also in their colour temperature. This way, a warm white (3,000 K) quickly becomes an extra warm white (2,700 K and lower). You can find all our spotlight bulbs of this kind here: Dim to Warm LED bulbs. Here you can filter directly by the GU5.3 base type on the left side.

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