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Gaming lighting: tips & products

The perfect gaming light allows you to immerse yourself even more intensively in your games. In this guide, we show you how to optimally illuminate your gaming room with smart lighting, RGB lighting and other options. We also introduce you to the matching products with which you can create great lighting effects and create a perfect setup for gaming.

Monitor and keyboard with gaming lighting Monitor and keyboard with gaming lighting
Gaming lighting in turquoise and purple (Unsplash/op23)

Why does LED gaming lighting make sense?

A cool gaming room with fluorescent tubes or incandescent bulbs? That is hardly imaginable! If you want modern gaming lighting, you should definitely use LEDs. These come with numerous advantages, such as high efficiency and switching stability as well as a long service life. In addition, LED bulbs are always flicker-free. Another advantage that only LEDs offer: They can change colour thanks to the RGB function.


Tip: Colour design in the gaming room

To ensure that the keyboard, PC, mouse and screens as well as the room furniture such as the gaming chair, the desk and the decoration match in terms of colour, you should first come up with a concept. The following colours go ideally together and are particularly popular colour schemes for gaming lighting: turquoise and pink/purple, blue and white or yellow, red and black - the complementary contrast works here. Colours with high contrasts go best together. 

RGB lighting offers the advantage that different colours are possible and you can try out a lot. In the end, it is important that you find an individual lighting that suits the equipmentt. 

Which LEDs are suitable for gaming lighting?

There is a wide range of LED bulbs and lamps that can be used in a gaming room. Whether you want to use LED strips, ceiling or wall lights depends on your personal preferences. In addition to colourful RGB lighting, smart lighting products are also available. Gaming lighting systems with modern smart lighting technology have many advantages: The systems can be expanded as desired and easily controlled via app or voice command. 

LED strips for gaming lighting

LED strips

LED panel for gaming lighting

LED panels

Gaming lighting with ceiling lights

LED ceiling lighting

buy Gaming lighting

LED bulbs

SMD LED strips can be shortened and individual light sources can be used.

LED strips

Thanks to their flexibility, LED strips can be attached to a wide variety of objects in the gaming room - not only to pieces of furniture such as cabinets or the desk. If, for example, the PC case has a viewing window, the LED strips can also be stuck in there. This is very easy because the strips are usually self-adhesive and can be attached effortlessly. Some products can even be conveniently cut to size. We recommend mounting LED strips directly on the hardware (for example, on the back of the monitor) and/or on the back edge of the table as well as on sideboards or shelves.  

LED panels and LED ceiling lights

Whether you opt for classic ceiling lights or a modern LED panel - both lighting solutions not only provide good ambient lighting, but also a completely new gaming experience thanks to RGB. Colourful light colours make your gaming room seem like an extension of the virtual world, while the classic white colour temperatures bring you back to reality after gaming. 

Gaming lighting with Ledvance panel

Ledvance LED Ceiling 28W - LED Colour + White

Gaming lighting with Ledvance fixture

Ledvance LED Ceiling 30W - LED Colour + White

Gaming lighting with Ledvance panel

Ledvance LED Ceiling 17W - LED Colour + White

Gaming lighting with Ledvance fixture

Ledvance LED Ceiling 18W - LED Colour + White

LED bulbs and LED spotlights

Your gaming room is already equipped with fancy fixtures? You'll find the right bulbs here! Smart LED bulbs and LED spotlights add excitement with dramatic light settings and come with many practical benefits. With smart home gaming lights, you don't have to interrupt your game to go to the light switch, you can adjust the lighting easily and conveniently via voice assistant. In addition, the colourful light colours create a unique gaming atmosphere.

Smart LED bulb from Calex Smart LED bulb from Calex
Calex LED bulb with Smart Lighting

Gaming lighting from Calex

If you are looking for smart gaming lighting, we recommend LED bulbs from Calex. The products of the Dutch brand stand for a top price/performance ratio and always come with a long service life. In our Calex range, you are sure to find the right LED bulbs or LED spotlights for your gaming room - always with modern smart lighting technology, of course.