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What is RGB LED lighting?

Nowadays, the term RGB is used more and more often in lighting products. The possibilities for bulbs and luminaires are increasingly diverse, especially since the emergence of smart lighting. But what do the letters RGB actually mean? And how does the whole RGB principle work? In this blog, we will tell you all about the use of RGB LED lighting and everything else that is involved. This page will also introduce you to the various RGB LED bulbs and RGB LED luminaires that are available on Any-Lamp.


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What does the abbreviation RGB entail?

The name RGB literally means "Red, Green, Blue". It can best be described as a colour model that uses the colour black as a basis. This may sound strange, since this colour does not appear in the letters of RGB. However, the function of the black base colour quickly becomes clear when we take a closer look at how the RGB model works, which is discussed in the next section. In short, the colour black does not actually contain any light. And it is only from that starting point that light is added in combination with colour.


LED RGB pixels

How does the RGB system work?

The RGB principle continuously combines different colours with each other, which gives you a wide choice of shades that you can give to the light in a room. For example, if you 'mix' two primary colours (red, green and/or blue) with each other, you will get a lighter colour. And when you combine all three primary colours within the RGB principle, it will result in white light. This is also called additive colour mixing. This system is, among other things, used in monitors. In this process, each of the three light sources (colours) is formed by one so-called pixel. In practice, these three pixels come together to form a particular colour, which we perceive with our eyes.


How does RGB LED lighting work?

In RGB LED bulbs and RGB LED luminaires, LED elements with a red, green and blue colour are present within the product housing. When all of these colours are lit completely at the same time, white-coloured light will be produced. However, this changes as soon as the colours partially overlap. And that is completely up to you! A certain colour is created by increasing or decreasing the brightness of a certain colour of RGB LED lighting. You can control this via a control panel or remote control. In the case of RGB Smart Lighting, this can also very easily be done via a corresponding app.


What is the difference between RGB and RGBW?

The difference is the addition of the letter 'W', which refers to 'white'. This additional colour makes it possible to create warm white light colours and to give RGB colour tones a warmer and more atmospheric appearance. At Lampdirect, you can also choose from a varied range of RGBW LED bulbs and fixtures,such as LED strips, LED spotlights and various accessories for indoor and outdoor use.


Where can RGB LED lighting be used?

The application range of RGB LED bulbs and luminaires is very broad, since you can place certain products both indoors and outdoors. The best example of this are RGB LED strips. The coloured light from these strips can be used to create beautiful accents on, for example, the facades of buildings. We recommend always using waterproof accessories, such as aluminium strips, that protect the LED strip from water and dust. Other environments in which the use of RGB LED lighting has endless possibilities include homes, office buildings, the hospitality industry, event locations and hotels. Nice examples are illuminating stairs, kitchens, corridors or a bar, in which not only RGB LED strips, but also the use of RGB LED bulbss in an appropriate (design) light fixture, create a pleasant atmosphere.

With RGB(W) LED outdoor lighting and with RGB LED smart lighting you can also light up every room in a creative and original manner. This way, you can give your guests and visitors an unforgettable experience, thanks to the various colours of light. You can implement and set it all to your own liking. Of course, Any-Lamp can always help you with this. Would you like to equip a location with certain colours of light and do you need help carrying out your plans? Then let us know!


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Is RGB LED lighting energy-efficient?

Yes it is! By buying RGB LED online you will not only get yourself modern and versatile lighting, but you are also assured of very durable and energy-efficient LED products. RGB and RGBW LED lighting lasts a very long time and is over 85% more efficient than comparable conventional bulbs and fixtures. So you will not only enjoy a beautiful colour palette, but also LEDs with an environmentally friendly character and a very high efficiency.