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How do you replace your old CDM tracklight with LED?

Want to know how to replace a CDM tracklight with an LED tracklight in your current tracklighting system? No problem! We have created an easy to follow demonstration video explaining how to do this. What's more, we also break down the steps for you.

Roadmap - This is how you replace a CDM tracklight with LED!

  • Switch off the old CDM tracklight by setting the phase wheel to 0.
  • Unlock the track spot by pushing the slider to the other side. Then remove the CDM spotlight from the track.
  • Set the phase wheel of the LED track spot to 0.
  • Place the LED track spotlight in the rail and lock it by pushing the slider to the other side.
  • Turn the phase wheel until the LED tracklight turns on (1-phase) or select the correct circuit (3-phase).


Did you know that ...  you benefit from several advantages with LED tracklights? Your energy consumption get's reduced by 50% on average and the fixture lasts up to 4x longer than a CDM spot. Moreover, thanks to the high colour rendering, you can revel in sparkling colours.

Tip! Do you want even more efficient lighting? Then 3-phase LED track lights are the best choice. These lights allow you to illuminate only zones that need to be lit at that moment. You can read in this blog how 3-phase track lighting works and what to consider in terms of installation >>

Anouk  - Last update April 2023