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LED lighting for hairdressers and beauty salons

As a hairdresser or beautician it is your job to send customers on their way as satisfied as possible. Therefore, good lighting is very important in a hairdressing salon or beauty salon. For example, bright lighting with a good colour rendering is very useful while performing beauty treatments. LED lighting offers a variety of possibilities for your business. Moreover, you reduce your energy expenses considerably. In this blog we give you some useful tips on the usage of LED lighting in hairdressers and beauty salons.


lighting hairdresser beauty salon


The most important information at a glance:

  • A mix of (dimmable) LED luminaires ensures optimal working conditions.
  • The colour temperature cool white (4000K) is ideal for performing beauty treatments.
  • Warm white lighting (3000K) or extra warm white lighting (2000-2700K) are ideal for rooms that desire a cosy atmosphere.
  • LED lighting prevents flickering and a decrease in the brightness of the light source.
  • With LED lighting you can save up to 90% on your energy costs.


Which LED lighting should I choose for my hairdressers or beauty salon?

Hairdressers and beauty salons can be illuminated with a variety of LED luminaires. Often a mix of different lights sources is used to ensure optimal working conditions. For example a workplace for manicures, in which basic lighting is combined with table lighting to perform treatments in detail. Below an overview of the most suitable LED lighting.


Room / Workspace Suitable LED lighting Good to know!
Hairdressing chairs and washbasins LED panels, LED spotlights LED panels with UGR<19 prevent discomfort from light.
Workspace for mixing hair dye LED spotlights, LED spotlight bulbs 80-100Ra results in minimal to no colour deviation.
Beauty salon    
Front desk, consulting rooms and rooms for treatments LED panels, LED spotlights LED panels with UGR<19 prevent discomfort from light.
Focus light for workspaces LED capsule bulbs, LED strips (both are placed inside fixtures) 80-100Ra results in minimal to no colour deviation.
Hairdressers / beauty salon    
Reception area, cash desk and product sales LED spotlights, LED track lights, LED (filament) bulbs LED track lights can accentuate products.
Coffee area LED spotlights, LED downlights, LED (filament) bulbs  



LED spotlight bulbs

LED filament bulbs

LED capsule bulbs

LED strips



Which colour temperature should I choose for the lighting in my hairdressers or beauty salon?

The colour temperature of light sources indicates the colour of the light. It’s recommended to decide the purpose of the light before you buy the actual lighting.

Verlichting manicure werkplek

Which colour temperature do I use for workspaces?

Workplaces in hairdressers and beauty salons require a concentrated mindset of employees. Therefore, the light colour cool white (4000K) is very suitable. Moreover, dimmable LED lighting offers the opportunity to play with the brightness of light sources. This way you can adapt the lighting to the tasks at hand. A colour rendering of at least 80Ra is recommended for tasks like choosing colours of make-up or choosing and/or mixing colours of hair dye. This way colours hardly deviate or don’t deviate at all from the same colours in daylight.


Which colour temperature do I use for reception and/or coffee areas?

A reception area or coffee area has a more relaxed atmosphere. Therefore, lighting may have a warmer appearance. To illuminate such rooms, it is recommended to use warm white lighting (3000K) or extra warm white lighting (2000-2700K). This way light radiates a bit more atmosphere and cosiness. These light colours are also suitable for illuminating a display cabinet full of hair and/or beauty products that can be bought by customers.


What are the advantages of LED lighting?

Nowadays LED lighting has a lot of alternatives to conventional lighting such as fluorescent tubes and halogen bulbs. Therefore, you can easily replace your old lighting with a more energy efficient option. You can save up to 90% on your energy usage. Moreover, LED lighting has a longer life span than conventional lighting. In addition, the brightness of the light remains the same throughout the entire life span and there is no flickering present in the lighting.

Would you like to know more about a good lighting plan for your hairdressing salon or beauty salon? Any-Lamp is happy to give you suitable advice. Moreover, you can profit from volume discounts. As a business customer you can request a free quote for this.


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