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LED lighting for warehouses

Warehouses are stored with valuable goods and products which needs to be accessed easily and fast. The work environment is dynamic with different workstations and constant movement of trucks and employees. To keep a good position within the industry all the parts and processes needs to be as cost effective as possible. Lighting constitutes up to 80% of warehouse’s energy costs.


To make it as cost- and energy efficient as possible, a long term and energy efficient solution is switching to LED-lighting. To avoid dark areas, ensure clear sight of products and labels and to ensure safe movement in the warehouse, a uniform illumination with low glare is to recommend. LED-lighting decreases the operating costs, creates a safer environment for the employees and contributes to a higher productivity.

What are the benefits of LED-lights in warehouses?


Lighting in warehouses also have a great impact on both the health of the employees and the security in the work environment. Incorrect or insufficient lighting makes the eyes tired and can lead to headaches and tensions in the neck and back. A flickering light can lead to stress or tiredness. Warehouses rarely has a big windows making daylight, which are necessary for the body's biological functions to work properly, rare.


With LED lighting in the warehouse you can choose a light of 6500K that resembles daylight, to improve the productivity of employees. In a warehouse the fixtures are often places at a considerable height which makes maintenance a logistical nightmare. With LED lights in the warehouse you decrease the need for maintenance due to its very long life of up to 70 000 hours. With sensor lighting you can further decrease operating costs.

Best LED lights for warehouses?

Noxion high-bay

LED High Bays


  • Energy savings up to 60%
  • Lights up immediately
  • Designed specially for warehouses
  • 120+ lumen/watt
  • For ceilings of 5-12 meters
  • Lifetime up to 80 000 hours
  • Light sensor/dimmable
  • Water- and dust proof (IP65/IK10)
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LED tubes

LED tubes


  • Energy savings up to 70%
  • Lights up immediately / High light output
  • Lifetime up to 60 000 hours
  • Housing of polycarbonate (not breakable)
  • For ceilings from 4 meters
  • Instant replacers
  • Color temperature 6500K
  • Make the switch to LED tubes now!

LED battens

Waterproof fixtures



Keep your installation costs down. Make sure where you want to put the light to make the highest use possible. Light over a warehouse shelf is basically useless. Planned lighting and installations decrease the energy waste and makes sure that light is placed where light is needed.