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Which lights should I choose for the bathroom?



A flexible and dynamic lighting that can meet your needs.

Why is it important to plan the bathroom lighting?

During the planning or renovation phase of a house it is highly important to take in consideration not only the positioning of light sources in all rooms including the bathroom, but also the type of light fixture to install. The bathroom may serve different purposes. At times it can be a place to enjoy a refreshing shower before starting a new working day. It can also be a beauty salon, with all sorts of nurturing creams, masks and oils or a small study where you can read the newspaper or even make online purchase. For all these reasons we need a flexible and dynamic lighting, or even better: a functional and mood lighting that can meet our needs.


What kind of light fixture do I need?

Light for bathrooms

When it comes to choosing the type of light fixture to install in the bathroom, you must consider both the effect that you want to create and the fixture’s degree of protection from water splashes. For general lighting you can use wall or ceiling LED bulkheads, as they have a high protection against water splashes and dust. A good degree of protection must be higher than 44 (IP44). Other options can be a hanging lamp integrated with LED lights or tiltable and fixed recessed spotlights with a wide light beam angle.

In order to create accent lighting on parts of interior design, one of the options would be dimmable LED spotlights with a narrow beam angle. A LED integrated tube in a light bar on top of the mirror or LED strips on both ends are perfect for enhancing the light around the mirror. Finally, it is possible to take advantage of indirect lighting in the bathroom to give it a touch of intimacy that will enhance your interior design and create the perfect ambience.

What kind of colour temperature should I choose?

For general lighting in the bathroom and for the mirror light sources we recommend a cool white colour temperature around 4000 Kelvin. A warmer temperature may alter the colour rendering. For ambience lighting the choice depends on the desired overall effect.

Did you know?



The colour temperature influences the atmosphere in a room. Cold colour temperatures are ideal for work or for activities that require concentration. Warm temperatures, on the other hand, create a welcoming ambience.


How many lights do I need to place in the bathroom?

The number of light sources to install in the bathroom depends on three factors: the size of the room, the amount of natural light and the atmosphere you want to create. For instance, a bathroom with no windows will need a higher number of lights as these must be on also during the day. In this case, we always recommend to choose LED lighting as it will decrease energy costs on your electricity bills.


Where should I place light fixtures?

Light for bathrooms

In the bathroom you can either need a functional or decorative lighting. In order to enjoy a functional general lighting we recommend the installation of a ceiling light at the center of the bathroom. For mood lighting, on the other hand, you can take advantage of dimmable LED spotlights as well as chromotherapy lights. These may be installed, for instance, close to the mirror where we usually need a high light output to carry out our daily activities or you can dim them for decoration purposes. It is important to avoid shadows that may alter the perception of our reflection. For example, you can place crispy lateral lights around the mirrors to prevent this. For mood lighting, you can choose to install LED strips of different colours close to the shower or bath. The closer you are to water sources, the more IP protection you will need. A separate light switch for general and atmosphere lighting will help you manage the effect that you want to create in your bathroom.

Why is it important to choose LED lighting in the bathroom?

It is important to choose LED lights in your bathroom not only for the high energy savings, but also for the specific features of this technology. LEDs do not warm up and are humidity resistant. This means that unlike incandescent or halogen lights, they have a lower risk of breaking down and are not a heat source for your furniture. Furthermore, LEDs are available in a wide variety of colours, turn on immediately, can be dimmed and most of all they can be safely recycled, causing no harm to our body or the environment.

Advantages of LED lighting

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 High humidity resistance

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 No heat

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 Instant light

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 Availability of colours

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Philips ExpertColour

Philips ExpertColor


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Noxion Bulkhead LED Corido

Noxion Bulkhead LED Corido


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Spotlight LED Noxion Aqua

Noxion spotlight LED Aqua


  • Water splashes and dust protection IP65
  • Lifecycle: 50.000 hours
  • Energy efficiency class: A
  • Dimmable
  • Tiltable
  • Colour temperature: 2700 Kelvin
  • 5 years warranty