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How to choose the lumens according to the room ?

With LED lighting, it is essential to know what light is required in a room or a space. In fact, it can be tricky to choose the right amount of light according to the room. In order to do so, you need to have the right number of lumen.

What is a lumen ?

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Lumen indicates the total amount of light emitted by a light source, no matter the direction.This indicator is especially important for determining the efficiency of a light source. More specifically, it indicates how efficient the light source converts power into light. This is called the Lumen /Watt ratio (Lm / W).

With LED lights, this value is much higher because they need less power to generate the same amount than a non led light. With the same characteristics, a halogen bulb would give you 18 Lm/ W whereas a LED one would give 113 Lm/W. The higher the ratio, the better the efficiency. In short: Lumen equals brightness ! If you want to know more about Lumen, you can read our blog here.

How many lumens per room ?

In order to get the right light, you need to distinguish the different spaces you want to enlight. As such, there are spaces which need more light (like the kitchen for instance) and others where it is less crucial (like the bedroom). To attain the right number of lumen for a certain space, you need to divide it on several light sources. You can’t, for instance get one fixture which will give you 2500 lumens, to get this amount, you may require 3 or 4 light sources (or more if you wish).

Here is an overview of the lumens needed per space. It is of course an indication. This overview can change with the amount of natural light, the brightness you want, the dimension of the room, the height of the ceiling or even the colours of the walls.

The kitchen

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The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house, where a lot of activities happen. Thus, it is essential to have the right amount of light. First, you need to have a light source above your table. You then need, to make sure there are lights above the kitchen work surface and the stoves. In order to have the right lighting, 2000 to 4000 lumens are required.

The living room

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The number of lumen required for the living room is different from the TV space and the dining space.

For the TV space, you don’t need to have a high luminosity, what we recommend is to use dimmable LED lights to be able to choose the right atmosphere for each moment. What you need for the TV space is about 1500 to 3000 lumens.

For the dining space, you need a bit more intensity. Once again, it is best to get dimmable LED lights. What you need for this space is between 3000 and 6000 lumens.

The bathroom

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The bathroom is the space where you need the most light possible. You want to make sure you have enough visibility when you shave or you brush your teeth! For this space, it is recommended to have between 2000 and 4000 lumens.

It can be only one light source or many, depending on your preference.

You also need to make sure you get a fixture with the right IP rating. IP rating measures the protection of the light to humidity and dust. If you want to know more about it, you can read our blog here.


The bedroom

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To decide how many lumens are required in the bedroom, you first need to check if it contains a desk or a big furniture, such as a high drawer. If you have children, they might also spend a lot of time in their room studying. In this specific case, you need quite a lot of luminosity. We recommend a total amount of lumen between 2000 and 4000.

You can see on our products the number of lumens, make sure to choose the right one according to the room in order to create the perfect atmosphere.  Also make sure to choose the right colour temperature, this can have an influence on the global aspect of a room. If you wish to know more about it, consult our blog here.

If you have questions or need help to choose the right product, feel free to contact our team of specialists.