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What is the value UGR?

UGR: Unified Glare Rating


UGR stands for Unified Glare Rating. This value is an indication of the extent to which luminaires and light sources can cause discomfort to people depending on their position to the light source. This value is based on regular patterns and fittings according to the new European recommendations for indoor lighting: EN 12464-1 standard.

What is the importance of the UGR value?


Lighting is an often underestimated component within companies, but deserves more attention. The productivity and well-being of an employee is greatly influenced by lighting. Light should be bright enough for work purposes, but no so bright that it causes discomfort. The UGR value is therefore essential in a company.

What factors play a role in determining the UGR value?


Measuring the UGR value depends on certain things. To make a targeted assessment, the following factors play a role:


  • Shape and size of space
  • Reflected brightness (luminance) from walls, ceilings, floors and other large areas
  • Type of luminaire and shielding
  • Distribution of luminaires over space
  • Observer position


The following UGR values may not be exceeded per application:

UGR value Application
16 Drawing room
19 Office works
22 Fine industrial work
25 Average industrial work
28 Circulation areas and corridors

• Read more about the EN 12464-1 standard •

The UGR value differs by each workplace environment, due to the work actions performed. For example, the UGR value in stairwells is higher, because less time is spent and practically less work is achieved.

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