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What do the symbols on the LED packaging mean?

On the product packaging of every LED light there is a lot of information in the form of pictures, abbreviations and symbols. In this blog article, we take a close look at the packaging of LEDs and show you what information is really important when buying a lighting!

verschiedene LED Verpackungen von Noxionverschiedene LED Verpackungen von Noxion

How to read the symbols on the packaging of an LED  

The packaging of an LED not only serves as protection for the light source, but also provides you with a whole range of information about the product, for example regarding the light colour or the colour rendering level. A closer look at the packaging will also tell you a lot about the technology, the use of the LED and other information such as "Made in X". The EAN, which you can use to make sure that you have bought the identical one when replacing a light, is also on the product packaging. Since there is little space for text on the often tiny packaging and manufacturers sell their LEDs internationally, they resort to symbols. These are intended to make it easier to buy a suitable light source. To choose exactly the right light source for your room, you should be familiar with some of the symbols and abbreviations.

Note: not all manufacturers use the same symbols, so they may differ visually but have the same meaning.

In the following we go through the symbols per packaging page from top to bottom.

Noxion ProduktverpackungNoxion Produktverpackung

Temperature: This symbol indicates the temperature resistance of the LED. In this case, the bulb can withstand temperatures between -20°C and 40°C without any problems. 

Comparison value: At this point, the power (or consumption) of the LED is given as it would look with the standards of conventional lighting technology. In this case the LED replaces a 50 watt conventional bulb. 

Beam angle: The LED emits light at a 320° angle. You can find more information on the beam angle in our blog

Degree of protection: Either the IP class is indicated or, as in the case of Noxion, a symbol picture that clearly shows whether the LED is waterproof or not. 

Colour rendering index: This indicates with the abbreviation Ra how authentically colours are reproduced with this light. For more information, see our blog article "How do I choose the right colour rendering index CRI?". 

Dissipation factor: This measures the loss of energy. On the product packaging, the dissipation factor is abbreviated DF. In our example, the dissipation factor is only 0.5.

Service life: This indicates the average operating hours of the light source in hours. Example: An LED with a service life of 15,000 hours provides 15 times the operating time of a conventional light. Iif the LED is on for 60 hours a week, it will provide high-quality, flicker-free light for up to five years.

Dimmability: Is the light dimmable? This symbol provides information about this. Our example LED is dimmable. 

Dimensions: A drawing clarifies the dimensions of the LED, both the height and the diameter - so you can be sure that the product also fits into the intended fixture. 

Barcode: The barcode is not only used to be scanned at the checkout - it helps us to allocate the products in the warehouse and you as a customer can search for the product in our online shop with the number under the barcode. 

Energy efficiency class: The higher the energy efficiency class, the more the product consumes energy and thus electricity. 

Light colour scale: With this graphic, you can precisely determine the white tone of the light source

Article number: You can use this to find the Noxion LED in our online shop. 

Consumption: The LED has a consumption of 7.2 watts. 

Operating voltage: 220-240 volts for high-voltage and 12 volts for low-voltage lights.

Hertz: The light of the LED flickers with a frequency of 50 to 60 Hz. 

Ampere rating: The amperage of an LED is given in amperes. In this case, the LED has an amperage of 19 milliamps (mA).

Light colour: The light colour, also called colour temperature, makes the light appear warmer or colder depending on the Kelvin number (abbreviated with K). Before buying a light bulb, you should definitely think about which light colour is appropriate - for example, cool white for the kitchen or warm white for the bedroom. 

Brightness: The lumen value indicates the brightness of the light source. The higher this number (given in lm), the brighter the light of the lamp shines. Our blog article "What is lumen?" provides further information on the topic. 

Lumen Watt ratio: The lumen watt ratio (lm/W for short) is also called lumen efficiency. It indicates how efficiently the LED converts energy into light. For this purpose, the lumen value is divided by the power (watt). The higher the number, the more efficiently the LED uses energy. 

Illustration of the lighting: When looking at the packaging of an LED, the first thing you always see is the illustration of the light. Does it meet your expectations? Do you like the design if the light is directly visible?

Description of the lighting: The complete description of a light contains a lot of information about its properties. With a quick look at the front of the packaging of our example LED, you know the diameter, the socket, wattage, light colour, operating voltage and dimming function. 

You will find the following information / symbols on the underside of the LED packaging:

Manufacturer: The manufacturer usually provides further information, at least a web address. 

The green dot: The manufacturer or retailer uses this to show that the product complies with the packaging guidelines.

CE mark: The mark is a kind of generally valid, voluntary declaration by dealers and manufacturers that the product conforms to the laws and directives of the EU.

Disposal: This symbol shows you that the LED must not be disposed of in household waste but is recycled (you can take it e.g. to a collection point). 

Symbol Lampe

Any-Lamp tip: All information on the product packaging can also be found in our online shop. They are located in the technical details of each product..

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