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Why should you switch to LED ?

It is fair to say that recently, LED lighting has become the number 1 game-changer in the lighting industry. It is the alternative everyone is talking about when changing your lamp or fixture is put on the table. Even though the main principles of LED lighting are known by everyone, we have decided to give you the 5 main reasons why you should switch to LED if it’s not already done.

Energy saving


The most common fact about LED lighting is that it allows energy savings. Indeed, energy savings are guaranteed with this technology but the extent of savings will depend on the technology you are replacing. Generally speaking, led lighting will allow you to save on average 50% energy compared to standard fluorescent and halogen lighting products. The energy saving can be even much more interesting if you switch to led lighting for products such as high bays, there you can save from 60% to 70% in energy costs.  




Whenever your old fluorescent or gas discharge bulb is exhausted, it is always the same struggle. What am I doing with it ? Put it in the “miscellaneous” box, the drawer, at the entrance with the keys etc. LED lighting makes it simple, you can recycle it ! Indeed, LED lighting does not contain any gas as mercury or hazard substances which can be highly dangerous for the body and the environment. LED lights are safe. It is easy to recycle LED lights. In addition of being an ecological solution they consume much less energy and have the same luminous output. LED lights products are an excellent ecological solution to replace all your old lighting products.




Even though LED lights and fixtures may appear more expensive at first, you might want to see this as a long-term investment. LED technology is constantly evolving and prices dropped since the first LED bulb appeared on the market. It is getting cheaper and cheaper to get LED lights. The other aspect to consider is the payback. Let’s take an example. A classic halogen spot has a lifespan of about 2000 h. It is necessary to change it every year. If you have 30 spots (30 x 2€) = 60 € per year for the replacement of your spots. The LED spot alternative will last at least from 5 to 10 years, with an average price of 4€. Thus, buying 30 spots which cost 4€ each is equal to 120 €. Yet, the investment price is doubled but the lifespan is 5 to 10 times superior. In any case, you will be sure to get the payback in 2 years and save money for the coming years.


Maintenance free-lights


LED products do not waste light. The conception of the bulbs being different, hemispherically rather than spherically, makes it emit the light in the correct direction. For some led lighting products, the lifespan can go up to 100,000 hours and unlike fluorescent lighting, there is no loss of brightness or intensity throughout the entire lifespan of the product. Fluorescent tubes can also be expensive because of the replacement of parts, such as the starter or the ballast, which is not necessary for LED tubes. At the end, LED lighting products require no maintenance.

Each light has its alternative


Switching to LED lighting is very easy. Indeed, thanks to the “retrofit design of LED lights”, the replacement of a bulb or a tube to its LED alternative doesn’t need any changes in the existing installation. Each LED alternative is equipped with the same fitting as the traditional product. LED technology is in constant evolution. Nowadays, almost every traditional lighting product has a LED alternative.


LED lighting has much more benefits. It does not emit heat, it works in both cold and hot environments, it is available in all styles, shapes and with a variety of temperature colours, it doesn’t flicker and in general is much better for the environment.

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