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What is Human Centric Lighting?

The name says it all: Human Centric Lighting is all about people. HCL's main aim is to use the power of light to improve the way we work and live. This can be done, for example, by tuning light in a way that supports our 24-hour biological clock and emotional needs. This in turn has a positive effect on our human comfort, well-being and performance. Human-centric lighting is being used in more and more places. And that number will only increase, because this form of lighting has the future! In this blog you can read all about it. We also highlight a number of specific 'HCL' lamps and luminaires.

How does Human Centric Lighting affect our daily lives?

Light enables us to recognise shapes, colours and images because we can perceive information and contrast with our eyes. One aspect we should not forget is that light affects our hormones, alertness, fatigue and ability to concentrate. This is where Human Centric Lighting comes in. This principle takes all these effects into account and also balances people's visual, emotional and biological needs. One of the consequences of this is that people are more productive and perform better. A recent study showed that the performance of a group of primary school pupils in the field of oral reading skills increased by more than 35% thanks to the presence of LED lighting in the correct colour temperature.


Where can Human Centric Lighting be applied?

Human Centric Lighting can be applied to any place where work or activity takes place. This can be in your own home, but also in shops, public buildings, restaurants and theatres. In this blog we highlight four areas of application, in which we take a closer look at the possibilities. Among other things, we tell you which light tones are suitable for a particular room or for specific tasks.

What does Human Centric Lighting do?

With HCL lighting, you can create the ideal setting for a working day by using the right light accent. How does this work exactly? It works like this: An HCL lamp or luminaire often contains an internal control system that can adjust the light intensity to the presence of (sufficient) natural daylight and to the room and time of day. A good example of this is luminaires in a room that provide a very bright light colour in the morning, which contributes to a good and energetic start to a working day. All this can be controlled digitally, for instance with a connected software programme or an app. Would you like more explanation or information about this? Then contact our lighting experts. They will be happy to tell you about the possibilities.

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Schools / educational institutions

On average, pupils and students spend around 1,000 hours a year in a classroom. This time is spent on education and social skills that support a healthy and happy future. For pupils and teachers, their presence in the classroom also means that they are away from natural (day)light. It goes without saying that an active mind and good concentration are important during lessons and school activities. The presence of Human Centric Lighting ensures this. For example, during learning or work activities you can use daylight (6500K) or cool white light (4000K) and for a relaxing classroom activity (group discussions / watching a film etc.) warm white light (3000K). In this way you link the state of mind / mood to what is happening in the classroom. Recommended HCL lighting for schools: LED panels, LED downlights and LED wall/ceiling lights.

Offices / business premises

In offices, the working day for most people starts early and sometimes continues until late at night. Of course it's nice to arrive at your desk/workplace well-rested. But lighting plays a crucial role in keeping you fit throughout the day. If there is no/barely any natural daylight in a room, there is a chance (especially during the darker months) that employees will become more tired, less motivated or cranky. And as an employer, you obviously don't want that. Human Centric Lighting can counteract this! The brightness and colour temperature can be adjusted to the natural course of daylight. So during the day you can use cool white light (4000K) and to stimulate our biological clock in the evening switch to warm white (3000K). Recommended HCL lighting for offices: LED panels, LED downlights and LED wall/ceiling lights.

Tip: Would you like to get acquainted with the possibilities of Human Centric Lighting in an easier (and affordable) way? Then choose luminaires with a 'tunable white' function! With these fittings you determine which light colour is used and, in the case of a dimmable fitting, you can also adjust the light intensity to the level of natural daylight in the room. This can be done via a switch or even wirelessly via an app or control system! For example, if the specifications of a product state: 827 - 865, this means that you can adjust the colour temperature from 2700K to 6500K. 

Healthcare / Hospital

In a hospital, treatment clinic, rehabilitation centre and/or care home, staff, patients and residents generally have little contact with daylight. It depends on the particular room what light is most comfortable. During operations and treatments, a lot of bright light is needed. In other words: 6500K (daylight) with a high light output. For waiting rooms or sick rooms it's a different story, because there the focus is more on rest and relaxation (3000K), to counteract possible stress in patients. And for domestic and technical areas, another type of lighting is also suitable (4000K), which should also be moisture-resistant if necessary (IP44 value or higher). Recommended HCL lighting: LED panels, LED wall and ceiling lights and LED waterproof luminaires. Or what about LED strips, with which you can very flexibly accentuate certain parts of a room with bright, even light.

Industrial environments

Factories, warehouses and other industrial spaces are generally places where little daylight penetrates. So warehouse workers will hardly notice a sunny day. However, there is work to be done. This can be picking orders or very detailed industrial work. In both cases, it is important that there is sufficient bright light present. Certain product codes or colours need to be clearly visible, for example, so that the wrong goods are not loaded. And when working with specific (small) parts, it is also pleasant to be able to see them as well as possible. The right lighting (4000K or 6500K) not only improves the quality of work, it also prevents (unnecessary) mistakes and more importantly: it keeps employees concentrated for longer. Recommended HCL lighting: LED battens, LED panels and LED downlights.

Even more possibilities regarding luminaires and light sources in tunable white! The possibilities are very diverse for use in both companies and homes. You can opt for an efficient LED fixture or you can place a tunable white LED lamp or spotlight in a (design) fixture that looks good in the interior. Always choose a fitting or light source that enables the desired light colours: only warm light tones (818-830) or warm and fresh light tones in one (822-865).

What will Human Centric Lighting look like in the future?

With all the LED lights you see in this blog, you can change the light colour in an instant. And that fits in well with the world we live in today. Technology is changing rapidly and more and more things can be controlled more quickly and digitally. The fact that with HCL you can create several situations with the same luminaire is a good example of this. You can transform a meeting room from an active workplace during a brainstorming session to a brown cafe during the closing drinks. The main thing, however, is to feel good, fit and at ease. And that's what everyone wants. It is therefore to be expected that our range of energy-efficient smart LED lamps and smart lighting fixtures will be expanded considerably in the future!