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What should I pay attention to when buying G9 LED lighting?

Compact, energy efficient and durable. That is how a G9 LED bulb can be described best. This type of lighting is especially suitable for the most narrow fixtures. But how exactly do G9 LED bulbs work? And why is a G9 LED bulb a better choice than G9 halogen lighting? In this blog we will tell you everything you need to know about G9 LED bulbs and we will answer various questions.

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How does G9 LED lighting work?

The two plug pins on the bottom of a G9 LED bulb are 9 millimeters apart. Hence the name 'G9'. This plug-in fitting, also known as Bi-Pin, can be easily clicked into the desired fixture. Therefore, installing a G9 LED bulb is very simple! Furthermore, you don't have to take any other actions, because a G9 LED plug-in bulb works directly on the mains (230V). Handy, isn't it? The switch to G9 LED lighting offers many advantages. Your energy savings can quickly increase to more than 90%. Moreover, G9 LED bulbs have a high light output (number of lumens), despite their small size.


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Where can I apply G9 LED lighting?

A G9 LED bulb has several areas of application. As mentioned before, this LED lighting fits in the most compact luminaires. Hereby you can think of refrigerator lighting, such as in the photo on the right. G9 LED lighting is also extremely suitable for illuminating a display cabinet, oven and / or extractor hood. Furthermore, a G9 LED bulb is very effective as a decorative application and / or mood lighting in shops, hotels and restaurants. Do you want to switch to G9 LED bulbs? Always check the size of your current G9 lighting first before you buy a LED G9. A G9 LED bulb is usually slightly larger than its conventional counterpart


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Is G9 LED lighting dimmable?

Hell yes! At Any-Lamp you can go for various dimmable G9 LED bulbs from top brands such as Noxion, Osram and Philips. By dimming lighting you not only save extra energy costs, but the product itself also lasts longer. The most suitable color temperature for a dimmable G9 plug-in bulb is 2700 Kelvin, which is better known as extra warm white light. This results in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere in the room the lighting is placed in. Ideal for the catering industry, hotels and theaters.

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Is a G9 LED bulb more efficient than G9 halogen lighting?

Absolutely! With an average lifespan of 15,000 hours, a G9 LED bulb lasts up to 7 times longer, than G9 halogen lighting. With a very low power (amount of Watt), a G9 LED bulb achieves the best light performance. In addition, G9 LED lighting does not heat up and it does not contain any harmful substances such as mercury. This immediately shows that choosing these sustainable LED bulbs is good for the environment! Furthermore, after installing G9 lighting, you are free of maintenance or replacement costs for several years. Choosing LED lighting via Any-Lamp only offers you advantages!


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