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Fried van de Laar

A building that's more sustainable than the current standards. This is the challenge Dutch contractor Fried van de Laar was facing. Of course, our Dutch coworkers were happy to help! They have already installed solar panels, allowing them to generate power independently. However, the challenge is to use this generated energy as efficiently as possible. That's why Fried van de Laar and Any-lamp's project team joined forces to provide the building with modern and energy efficient LED lighting.  


Client's request 

Now it was time for us to visit the client. During the intake review, the client expressed their wishes: energy-efficient lighting which automatically turns on and off. After the intake review, we carried out an on-site measurement to use when creating the lighting plan later. 



Any-lamp made a savings calculation to show the client how much money they would save and how long the payback period would be. After all, these aspects are extremely important in such an investment. After the client's approval, our lighting architects went to work. Using the lighting calculations, they drew up a lighting plan, showing the client exactly where the fixtures would be placed and how they would illuminate the room. This 3D drawing gave Fried van de Laar a first impression of the result. 


After Fried van de Laar approved the lighting plan, it was time for us to implement it: arranging the process from supplying light sources and fixtures to installing them. This allowed the customers to transition to LED lighting without any worries. 


“We are very satisfied with our sustainable LED system. The amount of brightness, but also the presence of people is measured"”


The Noxion fixtures that we installed form a smart LED system. This system constantly measures how much light the fixtures need to emit to achieve the desired values. For instance, the lighting measures the body heat of the people in the room and the amount of light coming in. The light adjusts itself based on these values. 

Selected products 

During this project we installed different types of LED fixtures. LED panels provide general lighting, whereas LED track lights, pendant lights and recessed spotlights provide the desired accent lighting. The lighting also has dimmers and sensors.  


What did we achieve? 

Before Fried van de Laar transitioned to LED lighting and therefore only used conventional lighting, their annual costs were: £15,226.91. Now that they have switched to LED lighting, the costs have dropped dramatically. With the LED fixtures installed, they save on average 60% in energy costs (as much as £9,135.39). Thanks to the solar panels, Fried van de Laar can now light their building with energy they have generated themselves. They even generate additional energy! This earned Fried van de Laar the energy label A++++, the highest attainable energy label. 


This article was written in 2019. Please note that this article mentions the old energy labels. 

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