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Most people probably know that GOSH sells beauty products ranging from makeup to shampoo. Behind this beautiful facade, there are laboratories, production, warehouses and other premises. When GOSH contacted us, they had already thought through their needs and wishes for their new lighting in these important premises. It was a large project where several departments needed new energy-saving lighting, so we talked about which products could be a possible solution for the different needs. 

Client's request

First and foremost, GOSH wanted the lighting to be energy-saving, and it was also important that the light could be dimmed and comfortable for all employees. The client knew in advance how many light sources they needed, so they did that part of the work themselves.


The solution

Once the customer was aware of the requirements and wishes for the new lighting, we took over and helped GOSH identify which products suited the needs of the different rooms. The company was sent test samples of these products. 
Throughout the process, we were in contact with GOSH to see if the products lived up to expectations, and when the testing time was over and the products were approved, the entire order was shipped to the customer. 

The result

Since the customer wanted dimmable lighting, we decided together that the result should be DALI dimmable panels.  The DALI system takes care of the lighting control and makes it possible to group or isolate several luminaires and then save the relevant setting. In short, you can control the lighting in an entire building without having to walk around, clicking all the light switches.  
In addition to the dimmable LED panels installed in the canteen, laboratory, office and production, GOSH also had a large number of LED tubes from Noxion and Philips installed in their warehouse.  
GOSH is delighted with the new lighting, which fulfils their requirements. They can dim the light, control it centrally, it's comfortable for the employees and the electricity bill is significantly lower...and when our customers are happy, we're happy! 

A selection of the products that we have used for this project

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