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What is the best light for an apartment complex?

Very often the lighting of apartment buildings is neglected. Some spaces may not have an adequate illumination, causing high energy costs. Sometimes it can be hard to find an agreement in the management of light. Therefore, one of the best ways for deciding whether to renew the building lighting and, if so, finding the best light for buildings is through a cost / benefit analysis.

apartment complex

Which lights are better for the indoors of an apartment complex?


Apartment buildings are made up by several spaces: the staircase, entrances, landings, the garden, garages and much more. For this reason it is not only important to carefully analyse the type of fixture to install but also its positioning. For the stairs and entrance lighting we recommend the installation of LED bulkheads either on the wall or on the ceiling. These fixtures have a high protection from dust and humidity (IP). Indeed, in these areas it is very common to have loads of dust that can affect the quality of the light. For a recessed installation, LED spotlights. These lights sources create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that can give to your entrance a touch of modernity. Furthermore, they offer a reliable and uniform light with a low energy consumption. It is, however, important to make sure that the quantity of light emitted by these light sources is enough. For instance, in the entrance there must be at least 50 lux. However, if work activities are carried within the building then there must be at least 500 lux. For general lighting it is highly important to guarantee appropriate safety and accessibility.



What is the lux?



The lux is unit of illuminance measured as luminous flux per unit area. It is equal to one lumen per square metre. Read more here.


Which light is better for the lift?


For enjoying a good visibility in the lift cabin you may choose between multiple options: panels, spotlights and tubes. All of these fixtures must offer a appropriate lighting not only for the transport of the residents but also for the regular maintenance operations. To this extent, we recommend a light of 100 lux. Furthermore, you must take into the account that the light must be on whenever the lift is used. This means that LED lights are the best choice, as these light sources have a longer life cycle which will help you decrease maintenance costs dramatically. Moreover, the LED technology lights up instantly and is available in different colour temperatures.. The perfect light for selfies!

What is the IP?



The IP rating is an international standard that measures the ingress protection from dust and water splashes. Read more here.



Why should you choose sensor lighting?


There are several types of sensors: motion sensors, high frequency, twilight and much more. Whichever sensor you choose will always provide you huge benefits. For indoor lighting you may enjoy high energy savings with a motion sensor can detect movements up to several meters. A high frequency sensor, on the other hand, has a wider range of action and a 360° coverage. Therefore, it will no longer be necessary to waste time on finding an agreement about how long to keep the lights on. The lights will automatically activate only when really needed.


Why should you choose light fixtures with emergency lighting?

emergency light

Blackouts seem something belonging to the past, but unfortunately still happen. In order to prevent critical situations when the light is missing it is always convenient to have an emergency light. This will ensure safety within your building. For instance, while walking the stairs to your home you can enjoy a safety light up to several hours. Whichever situation you are, an emergency light can be of great use. Furthermore, if work activities take place in the building according to the European law EN 12464-1 emergency lights are compulsory.

Why is it better to choose LED lights for an apartment complex?


Nowadays LED lighting is recommended not only for the quality of the light, but also for the high energy savings compared to any other light source. Indeed, LEDs have a higher price but if you consider both the life cycle and the annual savings they are really worth the price. Or better, they are a profitable investment. LEDs allow you to save up to 90% on the energy costs of your apartment building. Moreover, these light sources do not generate heat. Compared to incandescent, halogen or fluorescent lights, LEDs do not waste most of the energy through heat. This represents a double advantage because from one side you will be able to optimize your energy consumption and from the other side you will not risk damaging any light fixture because of the heat.


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LED lights do not contain any harmful substances for our body and the environment!

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