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LED Strips

LED strips are a fun, innovative and energy efficient form of decorative lighting available in a multitude of colours and lengths. Due to their robust and flexible nature, LED coloured strips can be shaped and moulded however you wish. Use them to make a feature of your favourite display cabinet, illuminate your kitchen cabinets or accent your TV. Bring a fresh and exciting new lighting atmosphere to your home - with LED strips, the possibilities are endless.
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What are LED strips?

LED strips are flexible light strips that serve as supporting lighting or accent lighting in various rooms. An LED strip has a PCB housing, which is also known as an electronic circuit board. The LEDs are attached to this circuit board.
Good to know! Before you turn on an LED strip, you need to have the strip fully unrolled. If you don't, there is a chance that the LED strip will get too hot and break.

What are the advantages of LED strips?

The use of LED strips has several advantages. Below are the most important ones:

* LED technology saves you an average of 70% in energy compared to conventional lighting.
* LED strips have a long life span of approximately 50,000 hours.
* Due to the flexible design of LED strips, these lights can also be placed on surfaces with corners.
* LED Strips have a high light output of up to 2230 Lumen per meter.

What LED strips are there?

There are two types of LED lighting strips: the SMD LED strips and the COB LED strips. The difference between the two types of lighting strips has to do with the technology used. SMD LED strips can be recognized by the many LEDs, which are attached to the strip at a set distance from each other. It depends on the LED strip itself how many LEDs are placed on the strip (for example 60 LEDs per meter or 120 LEDs per meter). COB LED strips can be recognized by the individual LED line that is applied to the strip. This ensures that there are no interruptions in the light, so these LED strips have a uniform light output. SMD LED Strips and COB LED Strips are available in non-dimmable and dimmable LED strip versions. Furthermore, you have the choice of various smart LED strips and RGB LED strips. You can filter on these characteristics in the webshop of Any-lamp.

Can you cut an LED strip?

Yes you can! It is even very easy to shorten a LED strip. Please note that you can only shorten LED strips at the indicated places! LED strips have cut lines, often with a scissor icon. The cut lines are placed on the strip so that the LED strip after cutting still works as well as before. So do not cut a light strip in other places.

Can you link multiple LED strips together?

It is possible to link multiple LED strips together. Keep in mind that the Wattage of the linked LED strips is compatible with the maximum load of the LED driver (power adapter). If you go over this load, then the LED strips will no longer work properly or even at all. The Noxion LED drivers in our assortment have a maximum load of 120W. As long as this wattage is not reached, you can continue to link LED strips together. Connecting LED strips can be done in two ways: * By connecting two male / female plugs; this connection is clearly visible and can in some situations be experienced as disturbing. * By using LED strip connectors, these are virtually invisible and are available as a fixed connectors and flexible connectors.

How do you choose the right LED strip?

Which LED strip to choose depends on the space where you are going to place the LED strips. This is important to know the right length for the LED strip, but also to choose a light color that suits the environment.

What lengths of LED strips are there?

Our assortment consists of various LED Strips in lengths: 1.8 meters, 4.5 meters, 5 meters, and 10 meters. Here especially the LED strip 5 meters in several variants available. The length of a LED strip can, as previously explained, be extended by linking two light strips together. This allows you to, for example, easily create a LED strip of 10 meters.

What light colors do LED strips have?

LED strips are available in RGB colors and/or white light. With RGB LED strips you can think of an LED strip in one color or smart LED strips that can switch between different colors. LED strips with white light are available in 4 different light colors:

* Very warm white (2700K); this color temperature provides atmospheric lighting.
* Warm white (3000K); this light gives an inviting character to a room.
* Cool white (4000K); has a fresh appearance that contributes to concentration.
* Daylight white (6000K); contributes to productivity due to the fresh light.

Where are LED strips applied?

LED strips can be applied in various environments, such as in homes, retail, hospitality venues, and other business environments. LED strips can be mounted on ceilings, walls, and floors, but can also be attached to a staircase or furniture. You can think of LED lighting strips at the bottom of kitchen cabinets or on the inside of a cabinet. Or for example to lighten up a photo. The possibilities with LED strips are endless. The light colors and various light outputs make it possible to use the LED strips for mood lighting and supporting lighting. The direct light from LED strips is a good addition to the indirect lighting (general lighting) in a room.

What do you need for a LED strip?

To make one or more LED strips work properly, you need a few accessories: a power cable and an LED driver (power adapter). A power cable and LED driver are necessary for each LED strip. The power cable ensures that the LED strip can be provided with power and the LED driver converts the power (230V) to the Voltage at which the LED strip works, for example, 12V or 24V. LED drivers and power cables can be found on this page.

Pro Tip: If you use an aluminum housing for our Noxion LED strips, the LED strips will be cooled down during the burning process. This ensures that LED strips last longer.

Installation: How does an LED strip work?

The LED strip is attached to the LED driver using a male / female plug. You connect this LED driver to the power cable. Have you done this, then the LED strip can be provided with power. In terms of mounting you have two options:

1.You glue the LED strip to a surface or object.
2.The LED strip is placed in housing.

Our Noxion aluminum profiles (housing) come with handy clips. These clips are screwed to the desired location, after which you can click the profile into it. The LED strip is fixed in the housing itself.

How to glue on LED Strips?

Before you attach an LED strip, it is smart to make the surface clean, dry, and grease-free. In this way, the LED lighting strip will stick best. Then you remove the protective film, after which you can glue the LED strip to the surface. Here, you need to properly press the light strip against the surface.

Are there also LED strips with remote control?

Yes, there are! We have several Noxion LED strips that work with remote control. For this, you need a connector, which is mounted between the LED driver and the LED strip. For this, you can buy and/or use the WAGO connection clamps. The smart LED strips from Calex can also be controlled with remote control. In this case, there is a wireless connection.

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