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Noxion LED Linear Lighting

Linear lighting is perfect for illuminating large areas. Install Noxion's energy-efficient LED linear lighting and reap the benefits for years to come! Noxion currently has two LED linear lighting series available: the NX-Line and EasyTrunk. Read on to find out more about each one so that you can decide which series is best for your situation.

Noxion LED NX-Line

The Noxion LED NX-Line is a flexible lighting solution for large areas. Its trunking system means everything clicks easily into place. The NX-Line also consists of LED linear lighting that's DALI compatible which allows it to be automatically controlled and monitored. Check out all the products in the NX-Line series by clicking on the link below.

Noxion LED EasyTrunk

The Noxion LED EasyTrunk series has an advanced system that makes installing it extremely easy. Unlike the NX-Line that has its own trunking system, the EasyTrunk series can be connected to an existing trunking system which means it can be installed quickly. To see all the EasyTrunk products, click on the link below.