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LED Surface Mounted Fixtures

LED Surface Mounted Fixtures come in many different shapes and sizes and can be attached to ceilings and walls. There are suitable surface-mounted fixtures for any application you can think of! Use the filters to select the product type you're interested in and find exactly what you're looking for. Every product you find here uses LED technology so you can rest assured it's energy-efficient and will last a long time too.
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What types of LED surface-mounted fixtures are there?

Surface-mounted fixtures are available at Any-lamp in various shapes, lengths and sizes. A good example of this is LED Wall lights. For example, a wide range of LED fixtures are already suitable for ceilings, such as LED ceiling lamps, LED waterproof fixtures, LED light lines and/or LED rail spots. Surface-mounted fixtures can best be described as lighting that is installed on walls or ceilings. Unlike LED recessed fixtures, this lighting does not disappear into the surface, but is mounted on it. A surface-mounted fixture can be used both indoors and outdoors. With the latter you can choose from various LED outdoor lighting or possibly solar lighting. Solar lights can operate completely without electricity as they are powered solely by the sun's rays.


Which surface-mounted fixtures are especially suitable for outdoor use?

Are you looking for a sturdy and reliable outdoor fixture? If so, Lampdirect has several products that are suitable for this purpose. For instance, we have a wide and diverse range of splash-proof LED outdoor lighting. Do bear in mind, however, that these fittings are not completely watertight. In the event of a heavy downpour, water may therefore end up in them. IP44 fixtures are therefore suitable for outdoor use, but for example for use under a canopy or roof. Surface-mounted fixtures with a IP65 value or higher are dustproof and waterproof and thus able to withstand all kinds of external influences. Click here to see all IP65 LED outdoor fixtures. What you can also do is use the filter on the left side of the page. There you can click on the desired value under the heading 'IP value'.


For which applications are LED surface-mounted fixtures suitable?

The area of application of a surface-mounted fixture depends very much on the type and on the room where you want to place the lighting. LED panels, LED wall lights and LED ceiling lights, for example, can be used perfectly as mood lighting or for a specific area. They often emit their light diffusely in all directions and thus provide very soft lighting that is not blinding and avoids casting harsh shadows. With surface-mounted fixtures, for example, it's a different story. These products emit targeted and direct light. These include, for example, LED spotlights and some LED wall lights. Such fixtures are ideal for accentuating specific objects or areas. To make it extra easy for you, the table below shows the area of application for each product.

Type of LED fixture Application area
LED Panel E.g. schools, offices, meeting rooms, canteens, hairdressers, kitchens
LED Trunking E.g. DIY stores, supermarkets, warehouses, production halls, storage rooms
LED Floodlight E.g. construction sites, sports fields, billboards, facades, buildings, gardens
LED Waterproof Batten E.g. stables, car parks, warehouses, basements
LED Bulkheads (ceilings) Corridors, halls, staircases, offices, schools, etc.
LED Wall Lights E.g. gardens, restaurants, hotels, terraces, corridors, halls, homes
LED Trackspots E.g. shops, retail, showrooms, museums, galleries
LED Sensorlighting E.g. gardens, country estates, warehouses, entrance areas


Are surface-mounted LED fixtures dimmable?

Yes, there are several dimmable surface-mounted fixtures available on our website. You can easily find out whether a fixture is dimmable or not. Usually this is already mentioned in the product title. You can also find this information in the technical information of each product. If you want to filter on dimmable surface-mounted fixtures, you can do this on the left side: under "Dimmable", you simply tick "Yes". Are you specifically looking for a DALI dimmable fixture? Then you have also come to the right place. DALI is an international standard for communication between lighting controllers and light sources, giving you control over a complete lighting system. 


Which light colour is best suited to LED surface-mounted fixtures

First of all, ask yourself what function the fixture you want to install should have, in combination with the room. If it is a case of detailed work, such as in a treatment room or workshop, then a lot of light is needed and a 6500K fixture will suffice best. If it concerns a general area such as a hall, corridor or waiting room, then lighting in 3000K is the most suitable. 4000K fittings promote concentration and focus, while 2700K mainly enhances the atmosphere.

Color temperature Features
2700 Kelvin - Extra warm white Cosy and very warm white light
3000 Kelvin - Warm white Soft, pleasant but also a bit stronger light
4000 - 5000 Kelvin - Cool white Cool, fresh and natural light
6500 Kelvin - Daylight white Can be compared with natural daylight


Can I also buy surface-mounted fixtures with a motion sensor?

Yes! If you would like to buy LED fixtures with a motion sensor online, you can click here to view all available products. You can choose, among others, from LED wall lights and LED wide-angle lights with a built-in sensor. How does this work? When motion is detected in a certain room or within a radius of a few metres, the lighting switches on. This promotes safety in outdoor spaces, among other things, while also saving a considerable amount of energy. This is because the light does not have to shine continuously at full strength. This way, you save extra on energy costs. You can also opt for LED surface-mounted fixtures with a twilight switch. The name says it all; as soon as dusk falls, the light automatically switches to full strength. 


Can I also choose a surface-mounted LED fixture with emergency lighting?

Yes, you can! Fittings with a built-in emergency lighting unit ensure that the light stays on in the event of calamities such as fire or short-circuiting. The fitting has a built-in battery that switches on for a specific time when needed. You can choose a specific time, such as3 hours or 4 hours.


How do I choose the right degree beam for a surface-mounted LED fixture?

Several degree angles, or beam angles, are available in this category of surface-mounted LED fixtures. Here too, it is important to make a good analysis of the space where the lighting is to be placed. After all, a LED fixture with a wide beam angle is of no use in a small room and vice versa. Therefore, find out how high the ceilings are and what the surface should be that you want to illuminate. On this basis, you can make an appropriate choice. In the table below you will find some additional and useful information that can help you with this.

Beamangle Features
Narrow <24D Suitable as accent lighting (clothing shops, museums)
Medium 25D - 40D Suitable as general lighting (homes, retail, hospitality)
Wide 41 - 90D Suitable for illuminating larger areas (offices, warehouses)
Very Wide >91D Suited for illuminating big rooms with high ceilings.


How do I install a surface-mounted LED fixture?

The installation of a surface-mounted fixture varies greatly depending on the type of product. As a rule, everything you need for installation is included in the delivery. For many products you will also find accessories: for example, for LED panels we offer mounting brackets, mounting frames and safety cables that allow you to mount the fixtures in different ways on the wall or ceiling. CAUTION: Do you have doubts about mounting an outdoor fixture? Always consult a certified person, such as an electrician.

LED Surface Mounted Fixtures come in many different shapes and sizes and can be attached to ceilings and walls. There are suitable surface-mounted fixtures for any application you can think of! Use the filters to select the product type you're interested in and find exactly what you're looking for. Every product you find here uses LED technology so you can rest assured it's energy-efficient and will last a long time too.

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